Ouch! One Week Later: Lessons from Virginia’s Elections, Pt. 1

Written by Steve Pauwels on November 16, 2013

One week removed from Virginia’s latest political contests the lessons are piling up like shady pay-offs into a Terry McAuliffe bank account. By around two-and-one-half percentage points, the sycophantic Clinton crony, now Governor-elect, bested Republican challenger Va. Attorney-General Ken Cuccinelli. The dust from that electoral skirmish has, presumably, settled .

So, what lessons can we draw?

Number One: The Clinton Curse continues to beleaguer America. Again, the victor in the “Old Dominion” state’s Governor race is a major Clintonite — one of the biggest of the Bill-and-Hill biggees. He’s been scampering around their oleaginous ankles for decades, raising money for them, obeisantly discharging the Democratic uber-couples’ bidding. He might be the slipperiest, most corrupt of the Clinton Mafia’s multitudinous, up-front sock-puppets.

But now, he’s also Chief Executive of our twelfth most populous state. The heart of Bill and Hillary’s skeavoid legacy is still beating.

The former First Lady turned-up stumping for McAuliffe in his campaign’s waning days, and over the next couple years there can be no doubt he’ll be returning the favor. With gusto: doing all he can to install Hillary (with hubby tagging giddily along) in the Big Office a few miles to his north. In fact, report’s indicated McAuliffe literally left his victory party to raise simoleans for Mrs. Clinton’s much-bruited-about White House fantasies.

Confronted with the Chinese-water-torture of the current President’s two terms, conservatives can occasionally be heard sighing, “Oh, if only Hillary had won in 2008 instead of Obama!” I’m sorry? Excuse me while I choke. We’re speculating about that repellent former-Secretary of State of What-Difference-Would-It-Make infamy, correct? Dragging along her aww-shucks lug of a husband to take up residence down the hall from the Oval Office he soiled — literally and figuratively — back in his gory glory days?

Umm, yeah. What a shame she didn’t snag that brass ring five years ago.

This achingly needy pair, tormented by a grotesque lust for political office and for the universal spotlight, should never again be allowed anywhere near the levers of power. Honestly, the pathetic spectacle of their grasping stirs in me a wiggle of pity for them – but not so much that I’ll mollify their obsession by re-seating them as our Republic’s heads-of-state.

Sure the economy was mostly going great guns when the Clinton’s called 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. home — recall, it chiefly was in spite of their undeniably progressive predilections; and thanks to favorable business/economic cycles and a competent GOP-dominated Congress. Don’t forget “Slick Willy’s” mule-ish resistance to Republican-sponsored, dazzlingly successful welfare reform (they finally corralled him into signing the measure). Don’t forget the Missus’ attempted, Rube-Goldberg health-reform monstrosity. HillaryCare, anyone?

Over it all, they slathered the gravy of national mortification: the Monica Lewinsky enormity and all its attendant squalid tentacles — reducing, in a pornographic flash, the most formidable office on earth to an international punch-line.

Hillary ran interference for her salacious scalawag through the entire grubby ordeal.

Her more recent, sanctimoniously table-pounding dismissal of the Benghazi investigation is the cloacal cherry on the steaming Clinton cake. It remains one of the foulest demonstrations of political dishonor enacted during our modern age. Four Americans ferally slaughtered while serving our nation, then forsaken by the one who, ultimately, was responsible for their protection? “What Difference Does It Make” why, how it occurred?? Did she actually shriek that statement in front of a Senate panel (and whirring TV cameras)? That disgrace alone — putting aside the sordidness of the Clinton’s 1990s antics — should disqualify her for any public office for the rest of her days.

Good riddance to both of them. Let’s keep it that way — whatever “Governor” Terry McAuliffe might dreamily envision for his Arkansas idols.

Number Two: We have no choice but to conclude: the plurality of Virginian voters are ugly racists — after all, they had the opportunity to throw their support behind African-America E.W. Jackson, who stood for Virginia’s Lt. Governor seat. Alas, they went with his white-bread opponent Ralph Northam. True, Jackson was that rarest of intrepid critters: a black political conservative.  Nonetheless, Commonwealth ballot-casters neglected to choose him for high office — branding them, according to modern sensibilities, vulgar bigots.

Time was, I simply would have assumed they, wrong-headedly, preferred Northam’s liberal stances on the issues. But years of Lefty orthodoxy, and particularly five years of Barack Obama in the White House, have clarified the only reason anyone, ever, rejects an African-American candidate, for any governmental position whatsoever, in favor of a Caucasian — and Northam could only be whiter if  he were blonde and karaoke-ing Neil Sedaka tunes —  is disdain for black individuals.

Could it be northern (metro DC), government-smitten Virginians carried the day for Northam because of his statist bona-fides? No, no, no! That explanation is no longer permitted in 2013’s all-things-racialist climate. The truth, we are tediously tutored, is — pardon the pun -– black or white: throw in with the “black guy” – every-time –or get fitted for a Klan costume.

Number Three: While I’m at it, I suppose we must also adjudge Virginians as haters of Jesus. Maybe actual members of a satanic coven?  E.W. Jackson, famously, is an outspoken Christian. Worse: pastor of a Bible-believing congregation. Someone grab the smelling-salts!

If his name were Mustafah Salaam Jackson, he were a Democratic political aspirant, and honky Northam were a Republican of any stripe, the analysts would be head-shakingly deploring Virginia’s nasty “Islamophobic” atmosphere. Muslims in the cross-hairs!

Well, Va. Voters did, point of fact, give the thumbs down to boldly Christian Jackson. Per the above, that flatly must signal discrimination against anyone who regularly darkens the nave of a church, right?

Let’s review: residents in the soon-to-be domain of Terry McAuliffe and Ralph Northam: Vicious racists? Check. Contemptuous of Christians? Check.

Further lessons remain to glean from Virginia’s election results. Part two upcoming …

Images: Courtesy of: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_McAuliffe; http://www.portaldenoticias.com/

Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.