Sympathy for Sebelius? Defending the Idiotically Indefensible

Written by Steve Bowers on November 5, 2013

Poor Kathleen Sebelius.  Defending the idiotically indefensible is always tough, I suppose.

Doesn’t someone teach socialist/progressive/commie/dorks (you know who you are) how to fall on their swords with aplomb? Robert McNamara did it with class a few years ago. He had to take the heat and admit the Vietnam War was “WRONG” and that he had been a part of doing the “wrong” … lest someone doubt he was qualified to fall on his sword squarely and properly. His subtext was, of course, to discredit the War and thereby exonerate Bill Clinton for having hidden out at Oxford during the War. How could a guy be considered a coward if he ducked a “Wrong War?” Silly, but that was the thinking.

But Kathleen, who unlike most of the geeks in the current Administration, at least looks kind of stately. She reminds me of my first grade teacher with the white hair and the sorta’ serene demeanor … although Mrs. Pavey never sank to resorting to a blank and confused look … she always looked very serious and quite fearless … and at the same time loving …how does one manage that? …I guess it somehow comes from having real character. She lived in the real world and held you responsible for your homework. If your dog had eaten it, it was YOUR dog and, therefore, YOU were still responsible …not some flunky in Cincinnati. Kathleen, like all of Obama’s underlings, really needs a lesson in sword-thoracic insertion.

Of course, McNamara was from a different generation than Sebelius and Company. Back then liberals were not that different from the rest of us. It was hard to tell they were descending into the maelstrom of liberal guilt and deception. McNamara was a Harvard boy. A whiz kid brought in by John Kennedy to count beans and sort things out. Things like Vietnam. That “Hearts and Minds” crap was dreamt up by him or one of his cronywhizzers. Instead of just crushing the enemy (as Nixon inadvertently did near the end by mining the Haiphong Harbor, thereby halting the flow of Russian war materials down the Ho Chi Minh trail) McNamara’s silly plan failed and cost our Nation over 58,000 lives and other untold carnage.

These clowns were liberals so the media didn’t look too hard. Cronkite didn’t scrutinize the Harvard boys much. They were fellow travelers. How could they be “wrong?” Particularly, now that we know Vietnam was a “Wrong War.” Like Iraq was the “wrong” war during Obama’s campaigning (when he probably thought it was already won but he could still “win” and grab credit for the other war in the neighborhood … just think of the photo ops).

But back to Kathleen. She needs to chill out. You don’t have to use a real sword. It’s only a metaphor. It’s only “pretend” stuff. After all, the real point is to simply take the heat off the GREAT ONE by appearing to accept all the guilt for such an uproariously large failure. Obama didn’t, couldn’t have known what was goin’ on.

And another thing, Kathleen, you ain’t gonna’ get fired. Nobody does in this administration. (Remember the creepy 5th Amendment woman heading up some strange and mysterious sub-department at IRS who was removed, took an early retirement and moved to a different similarly mysterious government “job”?) There is no punishment for such a failure or malfeasance in this administration. Everybody knows it wasn’t really you. Besides, nobody really knows what happened, or went wrong, or who was responsible, or how this stuff works, or who vetted (remember that word?) the civilian contractors whose executive officer(s) was a college chum of the president’s wife. Nobody knows nothin’.

(If the contractor’s officer(s) really were pal(s) with Mrs. Obama at Affirmative Action University, as reported by some bloggers, one wonders whether the Prez and his wife ever engage in pillow talk. Do they only communicate by memos? That would preclude Mrs. Obama from any possible knowledge of wrongdoing when she is questioned about her husband’s presidential shenanigans while she is launching her expected presidential bid while Barry is out on the campaign circuit for her, or autographing more ghost written autobiographies, or retired back to Kenya or playing pattycake with his cellmate, Eric Holder.

By the way, imagine if the “Obamacare Launch” is this bad, how bad will it be to have to see an actual Obamacare  doctor? “Hello. I’ll be helping you today. The real doctor is far too busy to listen to your wild heart palpitations. He is only allotted 3.5 minutes per patient. But I am a trained affirmative action healthcare provider. My name is Nurse Ratchett … how can I help you?)

And, Kathleen, you will never be expected to say anything unpleasant such as “I screwed up.” “I should have caught this.” “I am a moron.” And you might be able to get away with just saying, “I will seek out and fire the people under my control who are responsible.”

But you will never, never have to say … under ANY circumstances, “Here is my letter of resignation.” Never!

Hey, even McNamara didn’t say that. But he had been cashiered two decades earlier.

Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.