THANK YOU GOD: Alec Baldwin Says He’d QUIT Showbiz to Ensure ‘Safety and Peace’ for His Family

Published on November 17, 2013

Embattled actor Alec Baldwin has taken refuge in his Hamptons abode amid controversy over a homophobic slur he directed at a photographer outside his home.

Following the case against his stalker Genevieve Sabourin last week, the media attention on Baldwin and his wife Hilaria has been intense – and Baldwin says that he’s willing to leave show business rather than continue to exist under such scrutiny.

In a frank and confessional column in the Huffington Post, Baldwin addresses both the accusation of homophobia and his concern about the obsession with private lives of celebrities.

‘This country’s obsession with the private lives of famous people is tragic,’ he writes.

‘It’s tragic in the sense that it is so clearly a projection of people’s frustration about their government, their economy, their own spiritual bankruptcy.’

The paparazzi, massed outside his Manhattan apartment, ‘provoke me, daily, by getting dangerously close to me with their cameras as weapons, hoping I will react.’

Unfortunately for Baldwin, the paps inevitably get their reaction, and Baldwin is once again in hot water after calling a photographer a ‘c*ck-sucking f****t.’

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