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ZZZZZZ … Did the President Sleep Through Class Or …?

Obamacare takes a new turn almost every day. The latest is that the Imperial Prez is going to “change it.” Presumably, to fix it, or some part of it. 

Apparently, Obama has never heard of the Separation of Powers. I slept through my civics and government class in high school, but I got that part. He’s a “constitutional scholar” (and I’m good lookin’), but missed the Separation Thing. 
He cannot change legislation. That is the job of the “Legislature.” Congress does that stuff. (I know. I get a creepy shiver up my spine, too, every time I think of those geeks doing anything.) That’s how it is supposed to work. 

But, I think the reason he is confused is because of the messy way legislation gets put into effect, which is roughly explained as follows, and which Obama, like us, has been watching all his life.

1) Congress (shiver) authors legislation about something wacky, which most of us have never heard of. Congress goes through whatever contortions it must to get the legislation passed and made into law. We are stuck with it, no matter how stupid or harmful it is. (Anything come to mind?)

2) Anyway, usually the legislature includes the power to create a group of people to whom Congress entrusts the enforcement of the new legislation. This is where 99% of the bureaucracies we ever know about come from. Ideally, regular people (hopefully, not too many convicted felons) are in their ranks and they are, hopefully, again, sort of nice. So they will better understand us before they run a steamroller over us for some real or imagined transgression of the new Law. 
These hirelings are properly called “bureaucrats,” which means “government by desks.” Governance by “desks” began right after and during the French Revolution, that big Gaulish Party famous for rejecting, as a matter of public policy, God, the Bible and the seven-day week. It was also widely noted at the time for the juridical trying of entire rooms full of people at once, the guillotine and kicking off the Napoleonic Wars.

3) The bureaucrats Congress created and hired at big salaries (with big pensions that ripen early in their lives), then write the rule books necessary to explain and guide the Law and its enforcement (by bureaucrats) against us and the penalties for dummies (like us) who transgress the newly created rules. 

3a) Sometimes the rules and regulations are actually written in advance by faceless bureaucrats instead of your basic Congress person. This may seem strange, but remember the smartest thing Nancy Pelosi ever said. “We have to pass the (Obamacare) act to see what’s in it.” For the sake of my rambling please ignore the monstrously stupid admission inherent in Pelosi’s statement about how out of whack Congress is, just go with it here for a moment.

This statement proves, inter alia, that laws are not necessarily written by Congress persons. At least Obamacare (admittedly, even by Democrats, one of the worst bills ever to slither out of its cradle and start biting us on the backside, right at the location of our wallets) wasn’t written by anyone in Congress. It couldn’t have been. It was already written before the night they passed it behind closed doors without any bi-partisan participation. All those thousands of rules and regulations were already drafted beforehand, which makes it even more inexcusable that Clueless Nancy didn’t read it before she put her hand on the throttle to ram it through. She could have read it, but didn’t bother. Those thousands and thousands of pages were written by faceless bureaucrats who were/are, obviously, idiots. Maybe we should call them “Deskies?”

3b) Now it has been learned that one of the worst passages (which caused the cancellations of millions of perfectly good personal health insurance policies) was written by Obama himself. An incredibly serious violation of the Separation of Powers by Mr. Constitutional Scholar himself! It happens.

4) Congress then authorizes the hiring of an army of thugs to enforce the rules and regulations. No individual regulation is too murky or indecipherable for these “soldiers” to personally (a) interpret (not a problem if the “soldier” is a convicted felon, because a criminal trial or indictment or legal wrangling typically vests a guy with some modicum of legal understanding), (b) enforce, (c) collect (this is a biggie), and (d) imprison. 

5) As in the case of the Internal Revenue Service, an entire system of judges and courts are created by Congress to assist the aforementioned soldiers in their duties. Those “Courts” adjudicate only “tax cases.” They have their own rules and create their own case law. It’s creepy. Stay away.

5a) Maybe soon, coming to a venue near you, we’ll see Obamacare Courts, which will function in the same shadowy way as “tax court.” 

6) Nothing works equitably or improves anyone’s life, unless you count the “deskies” (I’m using this new word because I just made it up, sorta’, and it’s cute) who retire in droves at early ages to ranches in Montana. 

6a) Many of us are imprisoned, shut up, shot in the head or just quietly disappear.

7) Utopia.

This is why Obama may be thinking he can, by personal fiat, simply change the Obamacare rules around to smooth out some of the “glitches.” (You people with good private policies, which have recently been canceled, know to what I refer.)  Or maybe he thinks he can just change the rules without the Congress because he is ignorant of what I slept through in high school. (Note: Strangely, I don’t recall being required to read the Constitution in Law School. Not even in Constitutional Law class. Maybe Obama wasn’t required to read it either. Maybe he even skipped it when he was, allegedly, teaching it to undergrads.)  As you can see, there are several possible sources for his ignorance of the Constitutional basics, but the most likely is watching Congress acting by fiat or, more accurately, handing the loaded gun of making new law off to idiots, infants or incompetents.

He may think that since Law is usually created by faceless bureaucrats … pardon me … “Deskies” … with no responsibility to anyone (they aren’t elected and can’t be fired, no matter how bad their work), what does it matter? Who will know? What the Heck? It’s probably not fair for us to assume he can’t do at least as well as Congress and their flunkies. Maybe it’s even “racist?”

Keep watching. This stuff is getting interesting.

Personally, I doubt Obama actually wrote that horrible bit of Obamacare, which caused the forfeiture of all those personal policies. Two reasons. 1) The offending part seems subject to ready interpretation, as evidenced by the insurance companies; and 2) Which cannot be said of the only bit of writing (a simple and short letter) I’ve ever seen, which was authored by Mr. Harvard Law Review President. His simple letter was gibberish. 

I hope you like the cartoon above.

PS: If you wondered about that bit about Robespierre and his fellow frogs jettisoning the seven day week, the reason they did that was because the seven day week started in Genesis. As in the Bible and that’s where the rub came in.

Steve Bowers

Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.