AHAHAHA! Disney’s WiFi Blocks Conservative Website for ‘Questionable Material’

Doug Giles – One of our web gurus is vacationing at Disney and tried to log on to our site but he got this denial:

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 10.25.01 AM

Let’s see, cheers on traditional values and our founding docs and that means it’s ‘questionable’ and Disney has spawned ubiquitous teen hooker shows and that’s not ‘questionable?’  10-4, Disney.  Disney’s probably also miffed at our incessant bashing of their anti-hunting stercore tauri that they’ve been shoving down our throat ever since Bambi was released.  Anyway, I take this wifi blockage of as a badge of honor.  Mucho Gracias, Mickey Mouse.

Doug Giles

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