I FEEL YOU BROTHER: Man Chooses Death Over Shopping with Crazy Girlfriend

In a shocking incident a man has jumped seven stories to his death in a shopping mall after refusing to shop anymore with his girlfriend after five hours in stores.

The man, 38 year old Tao Hsiao, is taken away by medical personnel after jumping to his death following a fight with his girlfriend, who had insisted they continue shopping at the mall in China.

The incident took place in a shopping mall in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, east China. The 38 year old man, Tao Hsiao, jumped to his death after a furious argument with his girlfriend after she insisted they continue shopping and check out another store where there was a shoe sale going on.

Reports from China indicate that the couple were shopping for about five hours in mall, after which, Tao demanded that they stop and go home.

Eye witnesses have said that they heard Tao telling his girlfriend that they had shopped enough and that they had more bags than they could carry already. However, the girlfriend angrily snapped back that she wanted to see the shoe sales.

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I FEEL YOU BROTHER: Man Chooses Death Over Shopping with Carpy Girlfriend

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