Fools, Cowards & The Weary: Islam’s Fave Useful Idiots

Written by Audrey Russo on December 5, 2013

Allow me to begin, for the umpteenth time, articulating the fact that I do not believe that all Muslims exhibit terrorist behavior. Many have been either born into the ideology or initiated into it under duress, and have no desire to harm non-Muslims.

The following of the ideology of Islam, as written (which has been exhibited by Terrorists) is extremely dangerous for all those who do not agree or comply with Muhammed’s writings. Those who are devout to every jot and tittle of Muhammed’s pen, are to be considered dubious.

That being said … it’s a sad commentary on certain citizens in our great nation, due to circumstances WITHIN their control, that have chosen to be the willing tools of those who seek to destroy our country and freedoms. Not in one fell swoop … but incrementally, under the radar … with the help of a few faves…

The Fools:
The intellectually lazy who refuse to investigate the doctrines of this totalitarian ideology and how it operates. These individuals live on the paucity of facts (and half-truths) offered by the Progressive media outlets and Progressive/Liberal politicians on both sides of the aisle. They refuse to engage their gray matter beyond waking, eating & sleeping. In foolishness, they perpetuate these lies as truth, in a Pavlovian manner, reacting to the word Islam, as Pavlov’s dogs did to a bell.

The Cowards:
Those who fear being slandered. Their trepidation of pejoratives causes them to cower to those who hurl the insults. They are reminiscent of the Kapos of the Nazi death camps, who helped the murderers of their brethren, commit their barbarism. They fold like a cheap tent, lacking real tent poles, when expected to stand for truth. They don the mark of a traitor on their soul, which is revealed by their selfish, self-serving behavior in all critical situations. And, by no coincidence, some Fools are also cowards.

The Weary:
Those who are tired of being persecuted or ostracized for standing for the truth. They desire peace to the point that they will fecklessly appease anyone and everyone to create it. But, as the empirical evidence verifies, the fruit of appeasement never works for the cause of freedom. Their weariness tragically results in foolishness and cowardice. 

These three types are the most fruitful for those determined to impose the totalitarian ideology of Islam, and its Islamic Sharia Laws, upon the West. We can only hope and pray they will be burned early in their folly … before it devastates us all.

Shalom through strength…

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