Isn’t that Special: New York City Rapist Caught Because of Unrelated Robberies!

Written by Angel Rodriguez on December 6, 2013

Lately, I have read about quite a few rapes that have happened in New York City and the outlying city boroughs. This summer there was a series of rapes right here in my neighborhood. The rapist committing these crimes here used the cover of Forest Park in Kew Gardens to get to his victims. Today’s story goes to show us that no one is safe, even individuals doing the work of God. I already knew this though, unfortunately, there is no shortage of animals out there willing to remind unsuspecting victims. 

This crime happened October 31st around 530am near NYU and yet another park, Washington park in NYC. According to a DNAinfo story, a Catholic missionary was raped by a homeless ex-con. Ironically, she worked at a center which provided help to the homeless people from the area. “I want a piece of you” is what this dirt bag said before beating and raping the young woman. If you recall I had written a piece about homeless people and their potential to commit horrible crimes against society. Honestly, considering the number of homeless people in a city like New York City, I’m actually surprised that the homeless population doesn’t act out more. With all that quiet time, it leaves plenty of time for the mind to head down the wrong path.

The thing that bothers me most about this story is that this guy had several prior criminal offenses. What that says to me is that if our legal system properly did their jobs, and kept this animal where he belonged, then he would not have been free to rape anyone! He should have still been in prison; time and time again we see that these criminals are freed repeat offenders. So either these people are certifiably insane, or prison is such a joke that the prospect of returning  behind bars doesn’t frighten them at all.

The victim said, “Hail Mary’s” while this dirt bag raped her. Whatever works I suppose; personally I’d rather have a glock to pray with!

So how many years do you think will pass before this animal comes back out of prison? Allegedly, he told the woman that he “should have killed her,” so we know without a question that this animal is capable of even worst crimes. In fact, when they connected him to the rape, he was actually picked up due to unrelated robbery charges.

Law enforcement says, “he is a bad bad dude,” to that I say, “how about you keep him where he belongs this time?” Don’t wait for him to actually murder someone before giving him real jail time! Rape is one of the worst crimes one can commit against humanity, and it is about time that we start treating it as such.

In addition, I’d like to request that he is put in general population during his prison sentence!

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