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Curriculum Pushback: One Mom Pushes Back Against Planned Parenthood’s Sexualized Curriculum

Ever feel like you’re the only one who even cares about the important issues?

Mary McLellan must have felt exactly that way.  Who is she, besides someone we should celebrate?  In a place where nobody else did anything, she’s the ONE who stood up and PUSHED BACK.

You see, there was a very aggressively sexualized curriculum being promoted by her local Planned Parenthood called “Making Proud Choices”.

One woman is standing up to fight Making Proud Choices!—one of the most graphic sexual foreplay curricula—and making a huge difference by doing so. Mary McLellan is fighting the implementation of this program in Charleston, South Carolina, middle schools and across the state. She coined the astutely descriptive term “sexual foreplay curriculum” after examining the content.

Making Proud Choices! successfully passed through the Charleston County School District’s Health Advisory Committee (HAC), then moved on to the CCSD Education Committee, comprised of four school board members.

“I was the only person in the room that opposed Making Proud Choices!” Mary reported. “Everyone else present were either supporters or CCSD personnel. Representation included the New Morning Foundation, Tell Them SC, ACLU, SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (exclusive trainers for Making Proud Choices!), Florence Crittendon, and MUSC Empower, the program seeking expedited approval so that they could get a federal grant to push safe sex onto our children.”

Mary brought the best evidence possible with her: the curriculum itself.

In her words, “I basically provided a reading lesson for the board members.”

McLellan instructed the education committee members: “Turn to page 86 and you will find a lesson on Condom Use Skills with a list of teacher supplies to include lubricated condoms, lubricants, and penis model(s). If this lesson is not depicting a sex act, then what is?”

She continued reading as the board members followed along.

The result was immediate. “One board member moved to table the curriculum until the Education Committee had time to review the content,” McLellan stated. “The motion passed 4-0.”

She was the ONLY ONE who stood in opposition to this, but she was enough.

Imagine if more of us were aware of what was going on.  And more than that, if more of us had her courage and determination to do something about it?

You can complain that the country is going to Hell in a hand-basket… or you can cowboy up and do something about it — like Mary did.

So, what’s it going to be?

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Wes Walker

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