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RELIGION OF PEACE: Muslim preacher Omar Bakri Muhammad says he is proud of Lee Rigby killer

A hate preacher says he would be ‘proud’ if his son killed a man like Lee Rigby’s murderer Michael Adebolajo.

Omar Bakri Muhammad said if his son, who was sitting on his father’s knee during the interview, grew up and killed a soldier he would be ‘happy’.

Adebolajo attended and spoke at the radical group Al-Muhajiroun’s demonstrations after joining the group in 2003. He also changed his name to Mujahid, meaning ‘one who engages in jihad’.

Over the following years he cropped up again and again at Islamist events.

Channel 4 News reports Omar Bakri Muhammad, the former leader of Al-Muhajiroun, said he was proud of the killer.

He said: ‘I’ve got a son, if he did what Michael did I would be happy.’

Muhammad is living in Tripoli, Lebanon, after leaving the UK because he believed he would be arrested.

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