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Unacceptable. Indian-Giver — Of Diplomatic Immunity?

Let us take a moment and examine the way friendly countries behave with one another. According to our friends at Breitbart, Indian diplomat, Devyani Khobragade was arrested for visa fraud and for paying her housekeeper slave wages. Indian officials are apparently pissed off because of the way the diplomat was arrested and treated. You know, the same way any American would be arrested or treated. They are claiming diplomatic immunity and demand an apology from the United States. Personally, I say to go screw yourselves. But of course, Mr. Kerry has already called up a high-ranking  Indian official to express great regret at what happened. Wussy!

Here is where it gets funny but not really: according to some early reports, Indian officials have removed barricades that protect our embassies in New Delhi. In addition, some people are calling for the arrest of the gay partners of diplomats in India as a form of further retaliation. The funny part is the “I’m going to take away stuff until I have my way”; the not so funny part is what if someone were to drive a car bomb into the embassy and kill Americans?

Here is my view on the stupidity exhibited by India: if something is a crime, it is a crime, period. You don’t make it a crime when you are mad at us, then make an exception when you are happy with us. If being gay is a crime in India, then don’t allow it. Make the rules clear, then enforce them so that our diplomats don’t break them! You can’t selectively implement laws. What are we, 3rd graders? 

I’m sure that there is more to this than meets the eye. I bet that there is much more happening that we don’t have the clearance for. In either case, inviting terrorists to bomb our embassies doesn’t seem like a reasonable response to a diplomat being arrested for human rights violations and trying to defraud the U.S government. 

Do I need to talk to you about Benghazi? If India is so pissed off with us that they would endanger Americans to the point where it could potentially enable terrorism, I’d say we have a major problem. How about we simply cut ties, who do you think loses more? I don’t care about this crap about India being important to our keeping the region stable. Honestly, I don’t know why the hell we care for the region. How about we focus on our own region? I fear that one day in the not so distant future; we will be like the once great Rome, a power that fell because of the stupidity of our leaders.

Let’s just say for a moment that a car bomb makes its way to the U.S embassy, or there is a Benghazi style attack, how do you think things will go if any Americans get killed because of this childish response and behavior? Perhaps our leaders would say, “What does it matter, anyway,” but I know that I would be pissed off, and I would not too easily forgive such an outcome. Apparently, the Indian Foreign Ministry says that India is still protecting our people over there, but why remove the barricades then?

What do you think the United States should do? Should we apologize? Apparently, Kerry expressed regret, but he didn’t apologize. Should we pull our diplomats from India, and tell all of our tech support friends over there to take a hike and maybe bring some jobs back to America? What are your thoughts? Personally, I think the Indians are being unreasonable, and I would not bend to their will. They are so up in arms about how we allegedly treated the diplomat, that they fail to acknowledge that she tried to defraud the U.S government and that she was paying slave wages to her housekeeper. Do you think they’d be so supportive of her if the housekeeper was their mother? 

Image: Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade; Courtesy of:

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