ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE: 4yr. Old Boy ‘Burned, Starved & Beaten to Death by Dad’s Transgender Girlfriend’

Published on January 12, 2014

The four-year-old boy allegedly beaten to death by his father’s new transgender girlfriend slipped through the cracks after his dad was jailed last month, his heartbroken relatives have said.

Myls Dobson was found unconscious in the bathtub of a Manhattan high-rise on Wednesday morning after allegedly suffering abuse at the hands his caretaker, 27-year-old Kryzie King, for three weeks.

The little boy had lost 14 pounds in 18 days – leaving him weighing just 37 pounds – after he had not been given any food since December 26, DNAinfo reported.

King later allegedly told police that she had beaten the boy with a belt, locked him outside in freezing temperatures in nothing but his underwear and burned him with cigarettes to discipline him.

The tragedy came after little Myls endured years of child service investigations and abuse at the hands of his biological mother. He lived in multiple homes as his criminal father passed him between  relatives, before eventually handing him over to the suspected killer.

When Myls’ father, Okee Wade, was arrested for failing to attend court on fraud charges, he called his girlfriend, rather than turn to any of the relatives who have been devastated by the boy’s death.

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