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NEW RULE: VA Senator proposes bill that would make oral sex between teenagers a FELONY

A new bill being considered by Virginia State legislature would make oral sex between teenagers illegal.

The bill is being proposed by ultra-conservative Republican Senator Thomas Garrett, in an attempt to get a previously proposed ‘crimes against nature’ law passed.

This law, which made it a felony to carnally know ‘any male or female person by the anus or by or with the mouth’ was shut down by the United States Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit because it violates the 14th Amendment, which guarantees the rights of due process and equal protection.

Senator Garrett hoped to get around the 14th Amendment this second time around by restricting the law to just minors.

In the new bill summary, Senator Garrett clarifies that these ‘crimes against nature’ are not illegal if commited between adults, are not in a public place and don’t involve prostitution.

The phrasing of the new bill suggests that oral sex with and between minors would be a felony.

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