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AMNESTY: Rush Limbaugh, ‘This Is the Mother of All Scams’

LIMBAUGH: They believe in Big Government.  They believe in command-and-control government over their lives.  It’s just what they believe.  You throw this group of people into the mix with no assimilation and immediate access, and you’re overwhelming a system that’s already incapable of fulfilling its original purpose and charter.  Now, I don’t want to anybody misunderstand.  I’m actually thinking that Kaus here has nailed it.

I just wanted to share with you a take on this that I found humorous in parts but interesting.  You know, I guess my quibble with Kaus would be that this was only meant to be a fig leaf and not a scam.  Immigration itself is the scam. It’s the mother of all — illegal. Amnesty is the mother of all scams.  But this securing the border talk is just a fig leaf that enables the real scam.  The scam is not the strategy.  That’s my quibble with what Kaus said.

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