BAD PARENTS: 21 Jerk Moves Other Parents Make

Published on January 2, 2014

1. Doing nothing when their kid misbehaves right in front of them.


2. Taking their 6-year-old to see an R-rated movie.

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Just because it’s got a stuffed bear in it doesn’t make it OK.

3. Doing their kid’s science project entirely by themselves.

Universal Pictures / Via

Congratulations on winning first prize at the science fair, sir! You must feel so good about besting all those 9-year-olds!

4. Getting drunk at the block party.


Oh joy. Now we’ve got to worry about watching our kid AND yours.

5. Making passive-aggressive social media updates.

Facebook / Via

Gee, I guess you really are the greatest mom of them all, Jennifer!

6. Getting their flirt on with your spouse.


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Are you serious? I’m standing RIGHT HERE!

7. Inviting your kid to a birthday party at Disneyland but not paying for their ticket.

Disney / Via

You really couldn’t think of a birthday party that didn’t involve me forking over $92?

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