BAD PARENTS: 21 Jerk Moves Other Parents Make

1. Doing nothing when their kid misbehaves right in front of them.


2. Taking their 6-year-old to see an R-rated movie.

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Just because it’s got a stuffed bear in it doesn’t make it OK.

3. Doing their kid’s science project entirely by themselves.

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Congratulations on winning first prize at the science fair, sir! You must feel so good about besting all those 9-year-olds!

4. Getting drunk at the block party.


Oh joy. Now we’ve got to worry about watching our kid AND yours.

5. Making passive-aggressive social media updates.

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Gee, I guess you really are the greatest mom of them all, Jennifer!

6. Getting their flirt on with your spouse.


Are you serious? I’m standing RIGHT HERE!

7. Inviting your kid to a birthday party at Disneyland but not paying for their ticket.

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You really couldn’t think of a birthday party that didn’t involve me forking over $92?

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