GLOBAL WARMING 2014: Massive Snow Storm to Hit 1/3 of the US, Canada records temperatures as cold as MARS

Published on January 2, 2014

A freezing cold blizzard is set to affect as many as 103 million people as it sweeps across a third of the United States, as Canada records temperatures even colder than the planet Mars. Some of America’s largest cities in the Midwest and Northeast are bracing for the storm known as Winter Storm Hercules, which could see as much as 1.5 feet of snow tomorrow. In Canada’s city of Winnipeg, a temperature of -31C was recorded on Tuesday – colder than the surface of Mars (at -29C), as a deep freeze causing extreme wind chill extends across much of southern Manitoba.

People were urged to stay inside with wind chill warnings predicting that winds made the air feel more like -40C or -50C and could freeze exposed skin in just five minutes. Back in America, the winter storm warnings affect some 103 million people, from Chicago through to the New York tri-state region and to New England.

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