CAN OF WHOOP ASS: A Young Stay-at-Home Mom Takes on a Radical Feminist’s Derision

Published on January 29, 2014

By Megan Zerfas
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

A response to OUTRAGEOUS: Feminazi Says, ‘I Look Down on Young Women with Husbands and Kids and I’m Not Sorry’

Dear Ms Glass,

I would personally like to thank you for your opinion. I call it an opinion because that’s all it is and nothing more. Not even an educated one at that. Normally I don’t care enough about ignorant, narrow minded people, such as yourself, but since I’m a “stay at home mom”, I think I can put these bon bons and Pinterest down for one moment to give you my opinion, in return. Ready? You may want to sit your self-righteous, self-absorbed fanny down; you’re probably not accustomed to being spoken to as you are about to, bless your heart.

“Remember the Ladies” – Abigail Adams

I don’t claim to be some phenomenal, witty writer; I’m a work-from-home mom, which means I work a full-time job, just not in someone else’s cubicle. I only have a public school education. I did not have the benefit of New Math or Common Core so I know I’m already at a disadvantage. In college I only studied subjects like human anatomy and biochemistry, so I’m ignorant on important things such as sentence diagramming and spell check.

But I do study history. It is actually a passion of mine. I wish I had more time to myself to read more. I know you will find that hard to believe. But as a descendant of Abigail Adams and of Josephine Saxer, one of the founding members of NOW, I’m proud of the so-called “feminists” in my family tree. You say in your very first sentence “Everytime I hear someone say that feminism is about validating every choice a woman makes I have to fight back vomit”. Now, forgive me for not including bodily functions but I will try my best.

To be perfectly honest, we only hear liberal women ever trying to “validate”, every choice they make, in the name of feminism. “It’s my body, its my choice, its my uterus, it’s my life!” I have one question, why is it, in the party of choice, there is only one choice? Any other choice and you are ridiculed.

These strong women fought long and hard for women to have choices in their lives. They did not fight for fellow women to become the biggest generals in today’s “war on women”. So many self-proclaimed “feminists” believe that women should only behave a certain way and any woman who believes differently is somehow inferior.

Now, give me one second, I’m not of the “educated elite”, but isn’t that the same argument the suffragettes were fighting? The feminist movement has made a complete reversal. They wanted the right to have the choice to work outside of the home. Now you demean anyone who chooses to be in the home. It’s ridiculous. Let’s continue shall we?

Now for your second paragraph, “Do people really think that a stay at home mom is really on equal footing with a woman who works and takes care of herself?” Well first, you are correct! We are not on equal footing as you say. You could not handle a day in my or any mother’s shoes. Why? You don’t seem to know how to put someone else above your own selfish needs. Dear Lord, I pray you don’t have any pets.

But I am going to try and help you understand a world for which you hold so much disdain. As the cliché goes, walk a mile in my shoes. And here, I’m such a peach, I’ve given you a selection, a “choice” if you will of shoes. And although you believe that we are not capable of taking care of ourselves, don’t worry I did wash my feet before I wore them last.

Welcome to the world of a mom, and I do mean to include those wonderful stay at home dads, as well. People choose to give their hearts and lives to each other. It’s just another “choice” we humans make. We choose to take risks, to love, to create life and, by the grace of God, teach that child and watch him or her grow up to be a good person who will make similar choices in their lives. It’s something you may have learned in one of your elite classes as the “circle of life”.

We hold parties to celebrate life. It would be pretty boring if we didn’t. You call it common. So? You say we’re settling for average. But not having experienced it yourself, how would you know? What do you call the alternative, that you revere as superior? Your parties have no meaning other then to drink and maybe hook up? Is drunken, meaningless sex, no love, no feelings the way to go? Seems lonely and empty in my simple opinion.

Who do you go home to? The goldfish will never hurt you, yes, but it will never hug you either. I’m sorry, you will never know the amazing feeling it is to hold your own creation, who only knows to love you. We take risks for love and are loved in return. You take no risk and are alone. That’s your “choice”. I chose love.

You say we do nothing. Hmm, what do you consider “nothing”? You spew so much hatred towards women who choose to raise their own children. I beg your pardon, but wouldn’t the “path of no resistance” be those women who choose careers over family. Wouldn’t it be the “path of no resistance” for women who pay others to raise their children. To me the “path of no resistance” is being too selfish or too scared to put someone else’s needs ahead of your own; to take a risk.

Many of us, such as myself, work from home. Some people think working at home is a cushy job. But I will tell you this, we never get the benefit of leaving work. we never get the benefit of leaving it “at the office.” I’m not going to complain. This is the choice I’ve made and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m sorry, but you and I have a different definition for the word “exceptional”. No adult ever has the “time or energy or freedom or mobility” to do everything their little heart desires. That, little girl, is reality. What do you provide to society? What are you worth? I provide for the future. What have you done?

And before I let you go back to your selfish, meaningless life, let me just inform you about this work at home mom: in my family we share life “together”. We never have to try and find someone to do things with – we have each other. We travel, we explore, we learn, we cry, and we laugh together, because that is family. That is love. That is a choice that should never be taken a lightly or disrespected.

Now, if you please, give me back my shoes, I worked hard for them.