Raising Boys That Aren’t Metrosexual Pussies: #3 Teach Your Son To Make Life Better, Not Worse (Duh)

Written by Doug Giles on January 29, 2014

The Garden of Eden that God allotted Adam was not some dorm room that he was licensed to trash, but a place he was “to tend and keep” (Gen.2.16). Adam was to cultivate that which he had subdued. With his leadership came the responsibility and accountability to God to take that which was under his care and make it better. Can you say better? I knew you could. This means, mom and dad, it’s cool for you to have expectations of your kid about his role in your family and in this game of life: it is to enhance that which is good and to not whiz on everything people have worked for.

Let little Johnny know that whatever gets tossed to him is to be brought into greater order, usefulness and beauty. Make sure he gets the message that he’s to do it. You heard me, him. Johnny. Not the government, not mommy, not his nanny, not his church, or his lawyer – Johnny is to get his act together. Johnny is to make the place shine. And Johnny is to feel like an ass if he does not make things better and people prosper.

Therefore, parent of he that liveth in the God-blessed testosterone fog, train your son that he is not free to use, abuse, abandon, desert, ignore, overlook, disregard, forget, avoid, mistreat or neglect that which gets placed under his care; and if, if he does, he is to have his backside whupped.

What am I saying? Your boy needs to slowly begin to feel the weight of masculine responsibility on his shoulders and learn how to get his skinny legs strong enough so that he doesn’t drop it.

BTW parents – it won’t crush him. He’s tougher than you’re being led to believe.

Discipline your boy to fend for himself and others as if there were no government, no church, no school, no courts, no therapy, no drugs and no cops to lean on to make things all better.

Yeah, raise him to feel as if it is his duty to be the provider, to educate his children, to defend his family and nation, to judge disputes, to offer worship, to give spiritual advice and comfort, and to do all of this without acting like a chick.

The wild thing that’ll happen is you’ll see little Johnny turn into big John who brings to the table more than waxed eyebrows and manicured hands and who’s always looking to the ladies to lead him. Instead, you’ll have raised a son who brings to the table emotional strength, physical toughness, firm correction, world wisdom, constructive criticism and ethical principles, and one who does it while having a heck-of-a-lot-of fun.

This cultivating spirit will, by fiat, make him a leader wherever he happens to go and you know, you know, the long-toothed feminists will really, really, really hate that.

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