YOU CAN’T HIDE YOUR LYIN’ EYES: Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis Allowed BS in Her Bio to Jell as Fact

Published on January 23, 2014

Click here to Watch Wendy Davis Sing – I’m a Barbie Girl In a Bullcrap World!

The bare-bones Wendy Davis story — the one without embellishment — is sufficiently inspiring as a matrix for defying expectations. The daughter of a teenage mother and a teenage mother herself, Davis managed to beat the odds by getting a college education and Ivy League law degree, then launching a political career that’s brought her national adulation.

But since Davis’ Democratic gubernatorial ambitions caught fire last year, “facts have been blurred” in the retelling of her life’s story, as reported Sunday by this newspaper’s senior political writer, Wayne Slater.

That’s disappointing to see, especially since Davis or her campaign has been the source of chronological error and allowed misperceptions to jell as fact.

Yes, she was a single mother living in the family’s mobile home, but for only a few months before she and her daughter moved in with her mother and then went on to an apartment. She was not 19 and divorced, as Davis has said; the decree came when she was 21.

Davis married a second time, and her husband provided the money she needed to finish college and attend Harvard Law School. He also kept their two daughters, ages 8 and 2, in Fort Worth while she went to Boston to pursue her law degree. That marriage also ended in divorce, with her husband awarded child custody.

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