To Left and Right: Making the Case for Putin

Written by Mark Mayberry on January 25, 2014

Putin, the man, the myth the legend. There are so many stories about the famed and politically savvy Russian President, that you never know what is true and what isn’t. Most of it reads like a James Bond novel. Did he really take part in poisoning his political rivals with Polonium and Ricin? Who knows! A few of the stories caught my attention and made me begin to show interest in this leader that the majority of the world seems to hate. It is rumored that on the day he was elected president, Vladimir Putin arrived on the front lines in Chechnya to hand out special daggers to his military forces to carry with them during the impending invasion. In my opinion that is nothing short of badass! Finally his media spectacle moment in which he landed a fighter jet in the capital of Chechnya during the hostilities has also been a favorite Putin stunt of mine.

As a child of the 1980’s I can only remember a sliver of the “evil empire” and its demise in the early 1990’s. I get that everyone was afraid of the Soviet Union and to an extent most people older than me are afraid that Putin, the shadowy KGB man is planning to revive the Soviet Union. It’s not a very smart point of view but I get it. Here’s what I don’t get: why is it that we love to hate a guy who is really not so different from us?

Putin is a deeply patriotic leader and has devoted himself to service to his country for basically his entire life. In this country people like that are to be a help as an example of what a good citizen is. Putin is very religious and a constant fighter for the cause of morality within his own country. Putin has been a beacon of religious freedom in Russia and abroad. He has supported the rebuilding of religious sites for many religions and even has a street named after him in the holy city of Bethlehem.

There are the facts. Now here is my opinion.

Vladimir Putin is driven by a sense of moral justice and duty. He feels and rightly so that he has a duty to protect the morality and social fabric of his country. As he is the president, I tend to agree with him. I am not the only one to feel this way. Pat Buchanan has recently echoed my same sentiments in a column that he wrote. I actually found a great point in his article which I would like to share. Putin has said that America is becoming a country of immorality and it is happening undemocratically. He basically goes on to say the the ideas of abortion and gay marriage and so on are abstract constructs of people at the top who are forcing them on the majority who doesn’t want it. Buchanan looks at this point and he and I arrived at the same opinion. It’s true. The Supreme Court and state supreme courts get to invalidate votes on gay marriage and abortion. Perhaps we have become the 21st century reincarnation of Reagan’s Evil Empire.

I normally would take the time to defend someone like Putin because it’s kind of a political non-issue. However, with what I have seen recently and the blatant hypocrisy of both the left and right, I felt I had to speak. Putin has recently come under fire for what used to be common sense in America. He said that people in non-traditional sexual relationship along with pedophilia should not be propagandizing especially to children. Keep in mind this law has been on the books for some time. Does someone mind telling me what in the hell is so evil about saying we shouldn’t distribute sodomy propaganda to children? It’s weird to me to say this but if you compare Putin’s statements to the Pope over the last year, Putin is more of a social and moral pillar than the freaking Pope. What is happening?

Now regarding all of this new Putin hatred over the gay thing. I have two separate messages for both groups, outraged and morally disgusted liberals and sissy conservatives who refuse to agree with a guy who is right because it’s “unpopular.”

First liberals. Stop with you phony outrage. No one cares anymore. You guys pull this garbage all the time on all different topics and you are so hypocritical that the only people who buy into it anymore are the uneducated and your own acolytes. You are the group that push the “coexist” idea while, meanwhile, embracing terrorists like Bill Ayers and Nelson Mandela. Oh, and please educate yourselves about Mandela before you flood my column with comments. You are also the group who defends against the evils of racism yet you harbor racists like Al Sharpton. Finally, you attack Putin because you are the party of Gay Rights. Yet you actively lobbied and allowed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak at universities around the country Columbia being the most famous. Ahmadinejad was the leader of Iran and took personal delight in executing gays by hanging them from traffic lights in the center of town. So screw your phony outrage, I have less and less time for your manufactured rage.

Now for conservatives. Stop being sissies. Can you not even see when someone believes the same thing as you anymore? Unfortunately I believe it’s even worse than that. I believe that a lot of conservatives today don’t want to be caught believing anything that may keep them out of the cool kids club so they stay silent. Cowards. I won’t drop any major names in this article but I have heard major voices on the right talk about how Putin is a bigot and he hates gays. These “men” whom I thought were respected conservatives are using liberal talking points to defame a guy they are supposed to agree with.

Quite honestly, I’m more disgusted with conservatives who call Putin a bigot when they know full well that they agree with him than the liberals who are such hypocrites. This is just one more step on the road that is going to leave me a man without a party.

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