A Note to Michael Grimm About His Temper Tantrum

Written by Angel Rodriguez on January 30, 2014

We are all adults here, and we all know that everything and everyone has positive and negative aspects. Politics, and politicians are clearly no exception to this rule. I’m sure that by now most of you have heard about Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) and his uh, slip up? 

Dammit man! Don’t you know that these days cameras catch everything? If you are going to make a threat, and you are going to tell a reporter that you will be throwing them over a balcony, expect that it will be recorded, it will make the news, and you should at least have the balls to own it! Don’t whisper in hopes that no one will hear it! We can hear you! Don’t try to be sneaky in hopes that we don’t see you! We can see you. If you are foolish enough to make the threat, then own the threat! Otherwise don’t do that! 

Rep. Grimm, you should be like me! I own everything that I write and say. I think that there is a reason that I haven’t been able to go big with my television appearances, or even my music. I think it’s my mouth and my politics! Many people have unfriended me, or unfollowed me, and in some extreme, cases even threatened me because of my political views and some of the things that I write. That’s fine though, I’m no coward, I always own what I say!

Some questions do come to mind though. Why did it have to be a conservative politician to do this? Why did it have to be one from NYC? Grimm is killing us on two fronts! One, he’s making the GOP and The Tea Party look really bad. Two, he’s making New Yorkers look really bad. It’s not like either of us needs any worse  publicity. Not to mention the fact that the liberal media will devour this story for the next few days and weeks. We cannot give these vultures ammunition to use against us. We have to exercise extreme caution in what we say and do. Especially at such a high level. 

As human beings, we all get angry, and sometimes a guy can piss you off really bad, I know this. However; this was a bit much. It was just a question, and the guy didn’t even get to ask it. Why such a gross overreaction? I have a theory though! He should say, “Listening to Obama’s speech last night did it to me!” It appears that hearing Big O talk about raising the pay for workers who support the military, while his administration is actually screwing the military was just simply too much for Rep. Grimm! I move that this should be your story, and you should stick to it! Hah!

Seriously, though, what was he thinking? I’m a civilian, and I know that much of what I do can be monitored and tracked. This guy is a politician, at the state of the union address, and he’s a Republican from NYC. Did he not think that at least one or two cameras would be going? Didn’t it occur to him that maybe one or two mics would still be on? Why would he do something like this? It kills his political career, and it hurts our party. 

Grimm apologized, and I can respect that. It’s much more than the likes of Hillary Clinton or Eric Holder has done for their misgivings. So at least Grimm did that. However, please, any Republicans who lose it because of the liberal b.s that you hear day in and day out, please keep your bearings! It’s not good for your career, and it’s not good for the party as a whole if you threaten to murder a reporter on camera.

And in this case, it also doesn’t make us civil New Yorkers look any better in the ever watchful eyes of America. Come on Grimm, you’re letting me down. You’re letting me down!

Image: Courtesy of: http://www.spaulforrest.com/2012/06/american-people-are-angry.html

Angel is a blogger with appearances on The National Geographic Channel, MTV, HLN, FOX 5, HOT 97 FM, NY1, Bronxnet and many popular online sites. He is a U.S Air Force Veteran, Political Columnist, Musician, MMA Fighter, Foodie, and the Host of The Hidden Report Talk Show. Follow Angel on twitter and most social media via @AngelRdotMe