PARANOID PRESIDENT: Obama Was ‘Suspicious’ of Military Leaders, Gates Says

Published on January 15, 2014

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he always felt President Obama was respectful of senior military leaders, but at the same time was “suspicious of their motives” and seemed to feel pressure to from them to adopt their recommendations.

However, Gates said he also admired what he called Obama’s “courageous” decision to order the troop surge in Afghanistan in 2010, saying the president did so against the advice of all of his advisers because Obama believed it would work.

In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday night the former Pentagon boss spoke at length about his time serving under Obama and President George W. Bush, on the same day his controversial memoir “Duty” hit stores.

Gates said on “Hannity” he felt there was a difference between how Obama and Bush viewed meeting with senior military leaders. Bush, he said, seemed to genuinely enjoy meeting with them, but Obama did not seem to feel the same.

“He always gave the military leaders as much time as they wanted, listened carefully, was never nasty to them,” Gates said. “But I always had the feeling with him, that first of all he was suspicious of their motives and second that time spent with them was an obligation rather than something he enjoyed…”

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