Quenelle? Muslim Comedian Popularizes Reverse Nazi/’Up Yours’ Salute

Written by Audrey Russo on January 23, 2014

Fads come and go…most have symbols that go viral for a while and end up in the dustbin of history (until the fashion world picks them up for a rerun). The social kind are usually the product of adolescents in rebellion…with symbols like the peace sign, two-finger salute, hook ’em horns, loser and so on. They are done lightheartedly in love and fun.

But, I’ll bet you never heard of the “Quenelle“?! Lighthearted and fun? Well, the creator would like you to think so…but it’s anything but…

Dieudonné (or Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala) is a French, black, Muslim convert. And he also is an anti-Semite, Holocaust denier, Hitler fan and Protocols reader, just to name a few. AND, he’s been a busy little Mohammedan…

— June 14, 2006, Dieudonné was sentenced to a penalty of €4,500 ($6100) for defamation after having called a prominent Jewish television presenter a “secret donor of the child-murdering Israeli army”.
— November 15, 2007, an appellate court sentenced him to a €5,000 ($6800) fine because he had characterized “the Jews” as “slave traders” after being attacked in le Théâtre de la Main d’Or.
— June 26, 2008, he was sentenced in the highest judicial instance to a €7,000 ($9500) fine for his characterization of Holocaust commemorations as “memorial pornography”.
— February 27, 2009, he was ordered to pay 75,000 Canadian dollars ($68.5K) in Montreal to singer and actor Patrick Bruel for defamatory statements. He had called Bruel a “liar” and an “Israeli soldier”.
— March 26, 2009, Dieudonné was fined €1,000 ($1400) and ordered to pay €2,000 ($2700) in damages for having defamed Elisabeth Schemla, a Jewish journalist who ran the now-defunct Proche-Orient.info website. He declared on 31 May 2005 that the website wanted to “eradicate Dieudonné from the audiovisual landscape” and had said of him that “he’s an anti-Semite, he’s the son of Hitler, he will exterminate everyone”.
— October 27, 2009, he was sentenced to a fine of €10,000 ($13,600) for “public insult of people of Jewish faith or origin” related to his show with Robert Faurisson.
— June 8, 2010, he was sentenced to a fine of €10,000 ($13,600) for defamation towards the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism, which he had called “a mafia-like association that organizes censorship”.
— October 10, 2012, he was fined €887,135 ($1,208,000) for tax evasion. According to the French revenue service, Dieudonné failed to pay part of his taxes from 1997 to 2009.

Those eight convictions on anti-Semitism had a whopping total of (in USD) $1,330,200 in fines. If you still think he’s a funny man, that would make you, as they say: Très Stupide!

Now a little on the “Quenelle“…

According to the Economist, the word “Quenelle” in French refers initially to a long oval-shaped fish or meat dumpling from the Lyon region. It was co-opted by Dieudonné. In 2009 he led an anti-Zionist list for elections to the European Parliament. In kicking off his election campaign, he declared that he wanted to “put a quenelle up the backsides of Zionists”. His campaign poster at the time showed him making the quenelle, which has been described as a cross between an inverted Nazi salute and a bras d’honneur, or the French sign for “Up yours”. He “invented” the gesture to express hatred for Jews, while avoiding further prosecution (but, apparently, it doesn’t appear to be working).

But, hey…it’s all in good fun, right?

Sadly, he’s been an influential little mec (dude, guy).

— In 2013, images of people performing the quenelle went viral. (Remember Tebowing? This is the miscreant’s version). All the photos were taken in proximity to Jewish sites or unsuspecting Jews (i.e. In front of the gate at Auschwitz, at Jewish burial sites, with Hasidic Jews). 
— NBA star, Tony Parker posed with Dieudonné performing the quenelle.
— French Football (Soccer) Star & Muslim, Nicolas Anelka, performed the quenelle after making a goal (for which England’s Football League [FA] charged Anelka with performing a racially aggravated gesture considered to be anti-Semitic).

Obama-Jayz-Beyonce-quinnelle-560x440BUT, the greatest influence he’s had…on the leader of the Free World. YES, that’s correct…Anelka posted a pic of himself with Jay Z, Beyonce and President Barack Obama (see Twitter @anelkaofficiel posting Dec. 28, 2013) performing the quenelle. (Obama did sell himself as a President of harmony…I just didn’t know that meant united in hate…)

I leave you with one last thought…I love comedy. It’s healthy to laugh at ourselves.
BUT, “humor” like this was tolerated before WWII and laid the foundation for the barbaric murder of six million of my brethren. And that…just ain’t funny.

Shalom through strength…

First Image: Courtesy of: http://loucouss.be/1132; Second image: Courtesy of: http: //viewpointsofasagittarian. com/french-soccer-player-gives-nazi-like-salute-after-goal-part-of-his-defense-obama-did-it-too/

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