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TWISTED: Strip Club Loses License For Allowing 13yr. Old Sex Slave to Dance

The Miami strip club that lost its license in the wake of allegations that a 13-year-old sex slave had been forced to perform under the stage name Peaches has filed an injunction to get re-opened.

Miami Beach city manager Jimmy Morales suspended Club Madonna’s business permits for six months on Friday, while police investigate the circumstances around how a 13-year old girl was able to get a job dancing at the fully nude strip club.

But club owner Leroy Griffith has refused to take the decision lying down and on Tuesday went to federal court to file an injunction against the city.

The nine-count complaint seeks an immediate injunction to get the club re-opened and monetary damages based on the club’s out-of-pocket losses, attorney Richard Wolfe said.

Last week authorities said they had arrested three people on human trafficking charges after they had forced a 13-year-old runaway girl to dance at the all-nude strip club.

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