Unemployment Checks Forever: Politicians Pandering To Parasites

Written by Donald Joy on January 8, 2014

The majority of sleazes in congress and the chief criminal in the White House talk of “doing the right thing” and “having a heart” by their plan to extend unemployment benefits yet again for the millions of deadbeats sitting on their fat rear-ends collecting checks for month after month after month after month after month after month after month…instead of simply going out and, if nothing else, finding and accepting menial or low-paying, humble work.

“Waaahhh, if we don’t continue to pay them not to work, they might lose their house,  waahhh, they might have to pull their kids out of college, waaahhh...”

I say tough shorts, they need to get off their dead asses and get a job.  Who says anyone deserves to maintain ownership of a house at another’s expense, or that anyone’s kid absolutely must remain in college regardless of circumstances?

Someone who lost their $100k/year job, and won’t take a job paying $50k, or for that matter $25k/year, because it’s “beneath” them or because it won’t meet their current expenses, plus it involves more anguish and toil than just collecting benefits (while pretending to really seek work), and instead wants politicians to keep other people’s earnings flowing in to support their lifestyle, deserves to be unceremoniously dragged into the woods by their ankles and thrown naked into a frozen ravine.  Don’t give them any food, water, or compass, and see how quickly they learn to eagerly seek to earn their way out of their situation.

Necessity is the mother of getting off one’s dead ass and making it happen.  “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10)

Screw ’em if they don’t want to take menial or low paying jobs; arrogant parasites like that should starve to death if they think they deserve to live high without lifting a finger while someone else scrapes and scratches out a living, or even prospers at their endeavors and does well enough to wind up paying taxes.

When I was in my twenties and thirties, after getting out of the military and while struggling to put myself through college, I worked at a newspaper for $3.75 an hour, then as a security guard for $4.25 an hour, several seasons in a cannery and at a food processing/packing plant for $4.55 an hour.  I literally dug/shoveled dirt & poured concrete, tended bar, sold cars, waited tables, worked behind a supermarket deli counter, and sold newspaper subscriptions and frozen food door-to-door.  After college, I still took any kind of work I could find, worked security in dangerous black ghettos of major cities, did customer service and pretty much you name it, I did it.

There was no generous G.I. Bill during the 7 years I served on active duty, just a measly savings/matching program amounting to a maximum of $8,100 (much of which I had to pay back to Uncle Sam when problems caused me to withdraw from college, late in semesters, twice).  I borrowed–and finally finished repaying just over a year ago, 16 years after graduating–over $30,000 in student loans to eventually finish my bachelor’s degree, all for which I currently have a modest-paying job which doesn’t even require any degree at all.

Sure, I’ve had some help along the way from the Veteran’s Administration; it was something I was steered toward by a counselor, and I’ve never demanded it as an entitlement, nor have I said or felt that it would be some kind of injustice or whatever if it was taken away.  At one point I did inquire about having my veteran’s benefits stopped, because at that time I had a decent-paying job and I felt a bit guilty about it, but a VA counselor basically yelled at me as if I was nuts, and insisted that I keep it for the sake of my wife and son.  Am I a hypocrite?

I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m “heartless” for saying all this.  I’m not, and neither is any of the exceptional breed of honest politician who votes against extending the unemployment scam.  What’s heartless is pretending that people are better off living as false-entitlement-minded leeches expecting to be paid not to work at all, indefinitely, and that our country is somehow better off by keeping up this pandering political charade of continually paying them to not work as if it’s the right thing to do.

I have no problem at all with helping the less fortunate, and paying out earned benefits where truly warranted.  Both are imperatives.  But we are talking about something different entirely when in this case we have people gaining and holding public office by avoiding being frank with voters, and instead buying their votes by legislating lavish graft and runaway insurance fraud schemes–which this apparently endless unemployment compensation crap actually is.

I’ll leave you with this classic nugget of Keynesian democrat delusion, from Nancy Pelosi a few years ago when she was Speaker of the House of Representatives:  “Unemployment checks create jobs.”

Barf.  Oh, and by the way, drag the sleazoid politicians and throw them naked into the frozen ravine, too.  Let them all dine out on an unlimited supply of paper U.S. treasury checks.

Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.