Coast Guard Target Practice: Iran Sends Warships to U.S. Waters!

Written by S.C. Sherman on February 11, 2014

Wow. When I first heard this, I thought, Iran has a Navy? Your kidding right? They actually have a warship? Like what, an old Carnival Cruise Ship with explosives tied around its hull to be rammed into some innocent people? That’s not a warship. Apparently, the U.S. and the U.K. have sold some of our old junk to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have some old Ruskie stuff, too. Pretty bold to send them to U.S. waters and actual state it’s an attempt to defy American power in the Persian Gulf. Pretty ballsy or dumb as a box of rocks.

Anyway, right off the bat, I thought it was just another example of how weak we’ve become. Just more proof that under Obama every bully and tyrant of the world knows that our military, which is generally feared by all, is on a tight leash. Kind of like a crazy-looking-vicious dog tied to tree with a big chain. When the neighbors walk by that snarling, barking, hound of power, at first they recoil in fear, until they realize they’re safe, he’s tied up. His MASTER is nowhere to be seen. This dog can’t hurt anybody when the master is unwilling to let the dog do what the dog was created to do.

What happens next? Usually, the most aggressive of the naughty-little-neighbors picks up a rock and chucks it at the hound’s head. This makes the hound go crazy, barking and snarling all the more. More rocks thrown. Eventually, the hound relents and goes back to sit by the tree and quietly dodge the incoming pieces of gravel. Patiently waiting…memorizing the faces of his tormentors. That’s what I first thought. Those silly little Bedouins just want to chuck some rocks at the big dog.

Then I thought how fun it could be if we let the Coast Guard have a green light to engage? Seriously, just the Coast Guard, no need to pull in any of our subs, aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates, or sailboats. The Coast Guard could handle this, and how fun it would be for them. Real war games! Awesome. Definitely film it in HD.

But then as I began writing I realized this might not be that kind of scenario at all. Why did Iran send its big bad Navy to US Waters to antagonize the US Navy when plenty of our fleet is right there off their shores in the Persian Gulf? Why not just engage them right there? Imperial Iran could use their shockingly fierce “Fleet” to show the US just who controls the Persian Gulf? They could show us who’s boss, right there. That might be sporting for about 30 seconds. I think Iran likes their little “War Ship” and they want to keep it. So the Ayatollah decided to send their fleet of warships away. Uh oh, that could look like running and we all know that appearances mean everything in the Middle East, unless you’re a woman, and then no one can see your appearance. Tehran may have realized it was a good time to send the ships far, far, away. They had to cover it with a little tough talk though, some bravado and chest pounding. Gotta act like you’re not afraid of the tied-up dog.

The only problem with puffing up your chest at the big dog is sometimes the chain breaks and the hound get’s loose. Sometimes, a new master might let the dog off the chain, and that dog remembers just who threw the rocks. So Iran, have fun with your Fleet. Enjoy your jeering. The big dog is not amused, even he if he is currently tied up. He won’t always be.

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