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This Could Get Awkward: The NFL And Their ‘Gay’ Dilemma

(Note: A caveat to those looking for reasons to hurl “hater”, “homophobe” or choice expletives: My late brother and late uncle were in this lifestyle. I loved them and they knew it. So any accusations will make the accuser look like a hateful moron. Time to grow up…)

So, NFL prospect, Michael Sam comes out as “gay”. My question is…Why? Why did this player broadcast how he performs sex? Is that the most important thing in his life? Most people talk about the focal point in their life. New parents talk about their kids, and show pictures. Grandparents talk about the grandkids, and show pictures. Someone who landed a new job, shows pics of him and his new co-workers. (Perhaps we should be glad he didn’t show pics…)

I understand Mr. Sam is a very talented player…but by declaring his lifestyle choice, he has done himself a great disservice. Now, instead of his God-given talent being the focal point of conversation…it will be how he performs sex. The media won’t care about his play, but that he’s “gay”.

This decision provokes a plethora of questions for Mr. Sam & the NFL:

— What happens if he doesn’t get chosen or is chosen late in the Draft…will he declare it’s because he’s “gay”?
— What about the Christian players whose deeply-held religious beliefs do not agree with his lifestyle choice? Do they lose their choice to have that opinion respected because this one individual insists that his choice means more than theirs? Let’s remember something: Christian religious beliefs are protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution. Someone’s choice of sex partners is NOT.
— So,  if he’s “gay”, that means he’s attracted to men in the locker room. He can no longer be in the locker room with other males. If you disagree, what if the NFL hired a female place-kicker, would they place her in the male locker room to disrobe in front of the men? Not unless they want a lawsuit on their hands. So what will they do…build him his own facilities?
— And men in this lifestyle are known to have sexual relations in public bathrooms, bath houses, clubs…or wherever they want. What then? Will there have to be separate facilities for each “gay” player so this temptation will be avoided?
— If the player gets a penalty on the field, or the coach rebukes them for an undisciplined play, will he cry “HOMOPHOBE” at the referee or coach?

The questions are legitimate and interminable.

And let’s talk about AIDS. I can speak to this because I lost half my immediate family to this virus. AIDS is still rampant within the homosexual community. Now, anyone that’s a fan of Football knows that players occasionally bleed on the field during play. How will the rest of the players be protected from contracting the virus if a “gay” player is HIV positive, and bleeds from a wound?

And let’s not forget the most important element in professional football: Those who buy the tickets, Team logo merchandise, paid cable sports channels, etc…to the tune of $9 Billion a year! Most of that is from Traditional families (a Leftist reading this just fainted). As a rule, Leftists don’t like Football…it’s much too violent for them. So, the NFL won’t be pleasing them by making this change, they will instead be cutting their nose to spite their face…

This could be the most tragic move for this amazing sport. The NFL will most likely have litigation out the wazoo, for sexual harassment, etc. Not to mention the enormous loss to their wallet.

So, NFL: Choose wisely what hill you die on. If you choose foolishly, the Flag on this play will come back to bite you hard in the tukis…for many years to come.

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Audrey Russo

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