GRANDPA’S A BAD ASS: 70yr. old Body Builder, ‘Age is Just a State of Mind’

Published on February 14, 2014

Sam ‘Sonny’ Bryant says he’s as old as he feels. Feel him, though, and you’ll never guess his age.

That’s because the iron-pumping pensioner has pecks that men half his age would only dream of. His biceps are bulging and his legs are like logs of oak. And the only pills he takes are his vitamins.

At 70 years old, Sonny is a champion bodybuilder from Georgia … and he has no plans of hanging up his singlet just yet.

‘People ask me when I’m going to retire,’ he says. ‘I say “never”. More people die retired than people do working. I love to work, I love to work out. I’ve been doing this for 27 years.’

Sonny works the graveyard shift at personal-care emporium Kimberly-Clark as a forklift driver and works out twice a day to maintain the body that has won him more titles and trophies than he can count.

He started out aged 44 when going to the gym seemed the perfect way to let off steam when his second marriage began to fall apart.

He says he’d never lifted a weight before in his life but soon got the knack and entered his first competition just 11 months later in Columbus, Georgia.

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