IDIOT: Prince William ‘Wants to Destroy ALL of Buckingham Palace’s Elephant Ivory’

Published on February 16, 2014

Prince William has vowed to destroy all 1,200 ivory artefacts in Buckingham Palace to ‘send a message’ to illegal elephant poachers.

The priceless collection includes a throne from India that belonged to Queen Victoria, as well as fans, tankards, statuettes, and furniture.

But sources close to the prince say he feels strongly about putting ‘his money where his mouth is’. If successful, he will go on to urge other heads of state to follow suit.

A long-term supporter of animal rights charities, the Duke of Cambridge makes regular speeches imploring world leaders to adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards illegal poaching in the lucrative trade.

On Thursday, he joined his father Prince Charles to a summit in London urging industry members to ‘follow the money’ to chase the brutal gangs, just days after the pair released a multi-lingual appeal for people to condemn illegal poaching across the world.

At home in Clarence House, William is said to have ordered for all ivory items to be hidden from sight for years.

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