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Islam, Sochi & Putin: A Jihadist Delight

Another Winter Olympics has arrived. And though I may have visions of USA Gold dancing in my mind’s eye…my perception of our security situation in Sochi is circumspect.

I’ve heard some say that a terrorist attack is absurd because the entire world is watching Sochi. Those individuals are quite naive, for that is an ideal milieu for a jihadist… more eyes of more infidels, brings more trepidation…made to order for Islamic Supremacy.

There are three factors that should concern Westerners in Sochi: The relentless nature of Chechen Jihadists (especially the women); the immense size of Russia (which is impossible to secure); and the unabated pride of the former KGB agent who is ruling Russia with his draconian fist: Putin.

Here’s a brief look at each one:

Commonly called Chechen Rebels, these fiends are in actuality: Muslim Jihadists. The Chechen population is 94% Muslim…and the “active” ones were moderate, before they weren’t. You’ll remember their handiwork 10 years ago when a heavily-armed group of these Muslims stormed a school in Beslan, Russia. More than a thousand children and adults were held hostage for three days, in a sweltering gym, denied food and water, sexually abused, and forced to keep their hands above their heads. The tormenting siege ended on September 3rd with a sequence of explosions and a barrage of gunfire that murdered around 350 people, half of which were children. (But hey, children are chattel in Islam…so no prob.)

So what does that have to do with Sochi? Well, just a few weeks ago, less than 1/2 mile from Sochi, two suicide attacks killed 34 people in Volgograd. A militant Islamist group in Russia’s North Caucasus claimed responsibility in a video posted on an Islamist website.

Director of Operations at the Diplomatic Protection Training Institute (DPTI), Ian von Gordon, said, “Chechen rebels have already shown that they’re targeting trains, airplanes, transport, highways.” (The DPTI [Youngstown, OH] provides security to civilians in high threat environments. Von Gordon’s an expert on terror groups in the Northern Caucasus.)

Russia’s Size:

Jeffrey Mankoff, Deputy Director and Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Program at Center for Strategic and International Studies said, “The problem is that Russia is a really big country. You can pour limitless resources into securing a single city, but you can’t do that for the whole country.”

So, basically, all a Jihadist has to do is blow him/herself up outside Sochi to cause mayhem…and the thinning and scattering of security personal and resources.

Putin’s Pride:

The Fabio-wannabee who fishes and horseback rides bare-chested, would be humiliated if the barbarian Chechen gadflies gave him a black-eye while he’s playing host. Remember…this is the man who was responsible for the deaths of his own men, 115 sailors, in a downed submarine in 2000. The Kursk sat on the ocean’s floor with a Naval crew gasping for breath, while Putin’s Naval commander Popov told the press the missing sub had just finished a brilliantly successful exercise. Like every totalitarian regime, who can’t face their failures, Putin Lied, his sailors died. (Like our Benghazi, but I digress.)

As we hope our athletes and their families stay safe…Putin’s egotistical insistence that there will be no terror attacks on his watch, is a wee bit dubious.

I believe these three elements combined make it a Jihadists’ delight…

Shalom through strength…

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Audrey Russo

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