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Liberal Hollywood Hates Christians — ‘Noah’ Just the Latest Example

by Dana Moriarty
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

We all know that Hollywood hates Christians and Christianity. The proof is everywhere you look, like right here and here. In many Hollywood movies and TV shows, Christians are disparagingly portrayed as ignoramuses, homophobes, illiterates, fanatics, Muslim tormentors—you name it! That’s because the liberals who rule the entertainment world with an iron fist—as proven beyond the shadow of a doubt through the industry’s political donations—are angry at Christianity for rejecting things that liberals fanatically support. Things like abortion and gay marriage, just to name two.

So now, when Hollywood—in both its disastrous lack of originality and unending search for the next piece of Christian literature to desecrate—is about to release the big-budget  Noah, it’s no surprise that its Hate-Christians message is shamelessly displayed. That would naturally explain the widely reported disapproval of Christian test audiences  of Darren Aronofsky’s latest movie (coming to a theater near you on March 28, dear Christians!.) The reaction from mainstream Christians is so disapproving that Paramount Pictures, the studio behind this joke version of the Biblical story, actually  forced Aronofsky to screen many different versions of the movie to Christian test audiences.

In particular, Christian test audiences were understandably upset that Noah was portrayed as a drunk, a misanthrope and a “crazy, irrational, religious nut.” On top of that, he’s also being depicted as obsessed with liberal causes like environmental degradation and overpopulation. What the heck?! Based on all these reports, it convincingly sounds like Paramount Pictures and Aronofsky have completely screwed up what Judeo-Christian tradition says about Noah…and turned him into a mouthpiece for unpopular, liberal causes. No wonder these Hollywood liberals are getting such a massively bad reaction, and rightly so.

The production of the film has been badly plagued since the studio’s rightly worried that its whole core audience will be pissed off due to Aronofsky’s warped depiction of Noah, but to hear these insanely arrogant, liberal elitists put it, there are barely any problems at all! Aronofsky and Rob Moore, Vice Chairman of Paramount Pictures, blame a small and “vocal” segment of Christians for causing them trouble in test screenings. There they go again with their labeling of Christians who stand up for their faith as a fanatical minority!

The spin shamelessly coming out of the mouths of these two Hollywood liberals is that part of what they’ve done with the movie (read: hatchet job on the Biblical story of Noah) is artistic expression. That’s the same old, pathetic and tired cop-out liberals always fall back on when they rationalize their attacks on Christians: “Oh, we’re just being creative liberals, and we’re just doing a little bit of re-imagining here!” BS!

The straw that breaks the camel’s back is the lie that Noah can’t be offensive to Christians because Moore is a “devout Christian,” according to the above Hollywood Reporter story. I doubt that he’s a “devout Christian” (I’d love to know his stand on abortion and gay marriage, for instance) because the movie he’s overseeing has so far managed to piss off every single Christian test audience it’s been screened for since last year! What a fraud.

Then, we get to Aronofsky, who loves to shock and offend audiences with scenes involving prostitutes, anal penetration and dildos (hat tip to Jennifer Connelly, by the way, who’s also in Noah!), as he did in 2000s’ Requiem for a Dream. Though the director was raised Jewish, he doesn’t seem to believe in God at all, as this interview  from a few years back indicates. What really made me suspicious of that was his assertion that the Big Bang happened, other stuff happened and then life randomly just sprung up on the planet.

So what you have here is a liberal, Christian-hating Hollywood studio that picked an atheist or agnostic director to completely profane the integrity of the Noah story, just so they could let their liberal ideology shine and deeply irritate lots of Christians along the way. These Hollywood liberals apparently don’t know or don’t care that such disrespect to Christians can lead to boycotts of their new movie, which Christians should absolutely pursue if they feel offended enough. Given all of this, it’s no surprise in the slightest, then, that America hates Hollywood in return.

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