LOSER: Murdered 77 People, and Now He’s on a Hunger Strike?!

Written by Wes Walker on February 20, 2014

Setting a new low for self-obsessed loser is the guy who murdered 77 people in Norway.  Have you heard?  He’s on a hunger strike.  He’s protesting his conditions.

You may remember this guy’s case.  (I’m still not using his name.)  But in case you’ve forgotten, I’ve referenced his story before.

Life’s tough, you see.  Our loser has discovered that after dispatching 77 people to the great beyond, he’s actually spending hard time.  And he’s not entirely pleased about his conditions.  And so, like other high-profile cases, *cough* Guantanamo Bay *cough*, he’s resorted to a hunger strike.  Yeah.  He’s the next Ghandi, for sure.

What mistreatment is he so upset about?

He wants a bigger gym.  He wants better (yes, “better”) video games.  He wants a sofa.  He wants better A/C. (See the rest here.) Oh right, and he wants “communications restrictions” lifted.  As though the internet needs yet another fetid scumbag.

Turns out this tough-guy isn’t so tough in prison.  Perhaps he’s trying to recreate the conditions in his mom’s basement.

Let him starve.

Someone so prissy as to pout for a “better” video game won’t hold out very long anyway.

If they don’t have the death penalty where he’s at, then at least reduce him to bread and water for the rest of his miserable life. Maybe they could loop “What does the Fox Say” 24/7 for good measure.

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