REALITY: How Much Is a Stay-At-Home Mom Worth These Days?

Published on February 19, 2014

What would a stay-at-home mom earn today if she received a salary for all she does during the day? recently calculated that, in 2013, a stay-at-home mom in the United States was worth about $114,000 per year. While that six-figure salary may sound good, in order to earn it, Mom put in a 94-hour work week.

If a full-time job is 40 hours per week, this outcome means that Mom’s base salary is $37,549. With 54 hours of overtime, worth $76,037, Mom’s total salary is thus $113,586.

These just-for-fun results were obtained by asking thousands of parents the amount of time they spend doing various domestic tasks or jobs. The researchers then calculated what the same amount of time spent in a workplace doing the same job would be worth.

For example, according to the study, per week Moms spend 14 hours as a Cook, 14.4 hours as a Maid, 8 hours as a Taxi Driver, 7.8 hours as a Janitor, 3.3 hours as a CEO, 7.3 hours as a Psychologist, 8.9 hours as a Computer Operator, 6.2 hours as a Laundry Operator, 10.8 hours as a Facilities Manager, and 13.3 hours as a Day Care Teacher.

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