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Shirley Temple a Vicious Racist? – Some Ignorant Liberals Think/Say it

Maybe it is the excitement that some intelligence challenged individuals have when it comes to attacking the recently deceased who were icons for the nation. Or perhaps some liberals and certain misguided black people love to find racism under any rock or in any crevice that liberals re-direct their attention to. But that seems to be the tragically unfortunate case for far too many liberals and blacks who are now falsely attacking Shirley Temple as being a life-long, card carrying Republican racist.

The former child star and U.S. Diplomat, who served several American presidents in exemplary fashion, has been reduced to sub-human caricature by the vile slashing comments on the entertainment Twitchy website.

Even the headline is hyperbole at its best by stating: “‘F*ck Shirley Temple’: Lefties bash late Republican star, smear her as ‘roaring racist’.”

Where does one begin to address the ignorance of people who use their lack of knowledge of history and their pitiful self indulgent preoccupation with liberal ill-logic to paint such a horrid portrait of an American icon? It begins with a race baiter who uses lies and tortured innuendos to make an incorrect misleading point.

One of the Twitter posts to the page affirms, “while everyone (over 60) is doing their Shirley Temple memories, here is mine: She was a republican… i didn’t need to know anything more.” This is from Left Justice (@TurnLeft16)

Another backhanded compliment came courtesy of Julie Balloo (@julieballoo) who wrote on Twitchy, “RIP Shirley Temple, gorgeous little girl pity you became a Republican.”

Shirley Temple Black’s high crime and treasonous action was that she was indeed a Republican and was involved in Republican activities. So there the slide down Racist Mountain begins. It now gets better and better.

The tweets became increasingly contemptible as they were horrid. According to CeeLo’s Blunt Double (@CeeNCrumpets), Little Miss Sunshine was a dark cloud across America. He states, “Shirley Temple JUST died??? Thought that little racist kicked the bucket years ago”.

So now that the tweets have established the fact that being Republican is the equivalent of being a dyed in the wool bona fide racist the real name calling and character assassination sport begins.

As you notice the verbally challenged nimrod Bay Harbor Butcher @MrLawson, decides to condemn Ms. Temple-Black with absolutely no supporting facts except for the diatribes of his previous liberal Kool-Aid laced drinking compadres. He says in his tweet to Twitchy, “Shirley Temple was a roaring racist and I’m glad one less bigot has been removed from this earth.”

So again, as each tweet progresses the race-baiting and the ignorance is compounded. In each and every instance there is no proof offered for her alleged walk on the racist side of America. The tweets offer nothing but the spittle that erupts from an uninformed and socially and apparently physiologically misguided section of America. Liberal whites want to tee up the lie, so that plantation thinking blacks can take their bat to knock it out of the park.

Is it not interesting that when Shirley Temple Black was a youthful performer who appeared in many endearing films during the darkest days of the Great Depression, that both black and white audiences cheered her on. Is it not interesting that Shirley Temple Black was regarded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as “Little Miss Miracle” for raising the public’s morale during times of economic hardship.

Shirley Temple Black did not just raise the morale of white people in America. She raised the morale of all people in America. But it is the terrifying abandonment of knowledge and of critical thinking that blacks continue to allow liberals to abuse their ability to think for themselves. Instead they take a disparaging word or phrase and twist it tighter than a hangman’s noose around their target’s neck, and in this case the target is the recently deceased ShirleyTemple Black.

What the name-calling, Neanderthal-minded, flame throwers do not account for is her professional devotion to her work. Why would U.S. Ghana Ambassador Shirley Temple Black be a racist if she had proven “herself to be a capable, wonderful person who is determined to work for the good of others,” wrote the Ghanaian Times in 1974, according to The Guardian.

Of course there are going to be detractors like those who live to embrace the notion that being a caring, compassionate person with a Republican label attached is like wearing a scarlet letter on one’s forehead.

Many black and white Americans understand the times of the early 20th Century in movies where black people could do nothing more than utter the words “Yes, Sah, and No, Sah” with their eyes bugging out in cartoon-like fashion. Those demeaning roles began to change with Shirley Temple. It was in her movies that a black entertainer named Bill Robinson could dance professionally beside her and be a, “charming, stylish black man, and the American social fabric would not crumble,according to the Daily News.

So, if the haters want to continue to walk down that narrow dark tunnel as haters, then do so with the knowledge that you will have no impact upon the lifetime accomplishments, as well as the value, of Shirley Temple Black. You will not change the fact that she helped a nation hungering for a reason to smile and feel good by being a darling, young, pixie-faced actress during the Depression.

By the way, while you are throwing rocks at Republicans, maybe you might want to hold up and not toss a rock at Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, who was a bona fide Republican, too. Instead save the verbal pelting for then, “U.S. Senator John Kennedy who voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Act and also first opposed Rev. King’s famous 1963 March on Washington,” reported Human Events.

So, you detractors of Shirley Temple Black, take your negative baggage and charter a voyage on her Good Ship Lollipop and just chill.

Image: Courtesy of: +Eye

Kevin Fobbs

Kevin Fobbs has more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience as a community and tenant organizer, Legal Services outreach program director, public relations consultant, business executive, gubernatorial and presidential appointee, political advisor, widely published writer, and national lecturer. Kevin is co-chair and co-founder of AC-3 (American-Canadian Conservative Coalition) that focuses on issues on both sides of the border between the two countries.

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