The Drug Policy of Liberals: Kill Addicts Instead of Getting Them Treated

Published on February 13, 2014

by Dana Moriarty
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Anyone who has followed the liberals’ philosophy when it comes to drug policy and The War on Drugs knows that liberals just want to do one thing: Make it easier for self-destructive and dying drug addicts to get their hands on drugs by either subsidizing their drug addiction or making it super-easy for them to continue doing drugs. The one and only thing this twisted policy really does is help drug addicts to kill themselves with more quickness and efficiency than ever. As usual, the thinking person is reminded that liberalism is a mental disorder.

The latest example of this liberal ideology when it comes to drugs is the insane and shameful decision by a Vancouver “lifeskills centre” to actually let drug addicts buy crack pipes, so that they can sink into drug dependence and eventual self-destruction even more efficiently. Crack is the street name of cocaine, which is extremely addictive. This is not just smoking some marijuana. So, in essence, what this “lifeskills centre” is doing is helping drug addicts who are already hopelessly addicted to a deadly type of drug…kill themselves with greater speed than ever before. The best part of it is that drug addicts can then buy a Kit Kat bar at the same time from probably another vending machine right next to the one that dispenses the crack pipes.

Of course, the liberal mind rarely makes sense (I’m kidding: It never makes sense at all), which is why the liberal thought process for doing something like this is really an exercise in absolutely warped and twisted logic. It’s almost bizarrely interesting to behold, were it not so frightening in its lack of reason. To hear the director of the “lifeskills centre” put it, it’s all about “helping” drug addicts not spread diseases that they normally would because the crack pipes come with “health tools” like mouthpieces, alcohol swabs and even freaking Brillo. Ooooo, how wonderfully considerate of the liberal drug pushers!

You mean to tell me that a drug addict who’s so high on crack, will actually take the time to be extra clean and healthy while doing drugs?!?! C’mon. If you believe that, then you must also be a member of the Flat Earth Society!

A prominent liberal who is all for this type of ruinous madness is Alan Colmes, the better half of Sean Hannity when Hannity & Colmes was still on the Fox News Channel some years ago. I was watching him on Tuesday night debate the issue of drug legalization and the larger War on Drugs opposite Monica Crowley on The O’Reilly Factor, and I have to say that it seems like he’s getting evermore radical and ridiculous with every appearance on the Factor.

Everything coming out of this liberal’s mouth was nothing but more insanity on top of insanity. For example, in the service of “harm reduction,” not only didn’t he have a problem with giving crack pipes to drug addicts, but he also advocated for subsidizing them…so that they can continue abusing their minds and bodies and eventually kill themselves.

I suppose it’s not a surprise, considering that liberals are also for abortion (read: baby killing), so why not also be for killing drug addicts under the guise of “harm reduction” and cleanliness? At least that’s congruent. The broader point is, of course, that liberals shouldn’t be trusted at all when it comes to drug policy, just as they shouldn’t be trusted with much of anything else.

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