TRUE LOVE: Dallas Safari Club Introduces Their Audience to Safari Cigar

NOTE: Doug Giles is the co-owner of Safari Cigars and an avid big game hunter. His posts on cigars and the outdoors are a very welcome addition to Game Trails Online. And although we should be welcoming him, he is welcoming us to Safari Cigars by offering GTO readers a 20% discount on all purchases made by March 3. Read below to see how to claim this great discount.

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By Doug Giles of Safari Cigars

Safari Cigar is built exclusively by Alberto Medina.  Medina is an internationally recognized manufacturer of some of the best cigars outside of Cuba. For more than 16 years Alberto has been producing unique and powerful blends for the American and European markets.

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In February of 2013 Mr. Medina, Brandon Vallorani and Doug Giles joined forces to launch Safari Cigar using Alberto’s original award-winning blends.

Safari Cigar offers the following …

Premium Line: Box pressed
Maduro Wrapper: Mexico, San Andre`s
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Dominican Republic; Nicaragua

Dallas Safari Club Safari Cigars

.450/.400: Robusto · 5 x 50

Dallas Safari Club Safari Cigars

.375 Mag: Churchill · 7 x 48

Dallas Safari Club Safari Cigars

.500 Nitro

Dallas Safari Club Safari Cigars

.600 Nitro: Mondo · 6 x 60


To order cigars – and to receive your 20% discount visit Safari Cigars.  Enter the code DSCLUB20 at checkout.

See more at

* Check out’s new line of amazing cigars here …

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