Admit it: Obama and Democrats to Blame for Entire Ukraine Mess

Published on March 6, 2014

by Dana Moriarty
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

The Ukrainian crisis demonstrates yet again that no Democrat should ever be trusted with U.S. foreign policy, for only ruin and shame to American prestige will follow. We all know that Democrats are appeasers and addicted to giving concessions to hostile foreign regimes, whether that’s Iran or a so-called “democratic ally” in Russia and Putin. Oh yeah, and they also obviously suffer from self-hatred and a sick, but inherent belief that the U.S. is to blame for any foreign-policy mess like the one occurring in the Ukraine right now.

The more ragingly mentally ill ones, like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, actually blame George W. Bush for what’s going on in the Ukraine (to the 12 percent or so of hardcore liberals, Democrats and Obama worshipers still on the sinking Obama administration ship, that still fires them up like crazy).

To understand more intimately why Obama and the Democrats are to blame for Russia’s emboldened show of strength in the Ukraine, we have to examine the warped and twisted way that they approach their joke idea of foreign policy. To them, U.S. foreign policy is about giving concessions to hostile regimes in the idiotic and delusional hope that said hostile regimes will then be fairer to U.S. interests. It’s kind of like thinking that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, but in the arena of foreign policy (where only realpolitik matters), it’s a surefire way to wind up the big loser.

Obama’s very first foreign-policy deal with Russia showed him to be nothing more than the good-for-nothing community organizer he is, an inept boob at best and a complete Jimmy Carter clone at worst, who’s now hopelessly in over his head dealing with Putin. Based on his very first treaty with Russia back in 2010—a mutual agreement to slash the U.S.’ and Russia’s nuclear warhead arsenals—we could see how Obama’s mentality was based on giving concessions to enemies. He believed that the mutual reduction of warhead arsenals would amount to a good-faith showing that would inspire Russia to cooperate with the U.S. on other issues. Of course, as with everything that the president gets involved with, it soon turns into an utter debacle. The acronym FUBAR comes to mind!

That’s where we’re at today: Putin’s crony in the Ukraine mass-murders democratic Ukrainian protestors, Putin’s crony flees to Russia for protection, Putin invades the Ukraine’s Crimea region and Obama can only meekly say, “Uh, Mr. Putin, sir, it’s not neighborly of you to invade the Ukraine like that, but I’m still working hard to offer you a diplomatic “off-ramp” out of this situation…coz I’m the prez, see…”

In reality, if Obama had American interests in mind, he’d actually be sending his Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff to the Baltic NATO countries to create a show of strength to rattle Putin, but he’s a Democrat wimp, so you can’t expect more than utter appeasement of the enemy.
And this brings us back to my thesis: Obama and Democrats (and ALL those who voted for him) are to blame for this Ukrainian debacle. How could they not be? All the evidence points to it! By choosing appeasement and concessions over displaying a constant American show of strength on the world stage, Obama and the Democrats have practically invited Putin to do what he did.

Everything the Democrats touch eventually becomes FUBAR, whether it’s foreign policy, economy or healthcare. Almost as repulsive as Obama’s mismanagement is the GOP’s complete failure to capitalize on this crisis and send Obama and the Democrats’ approval numbers further down into the gutter, in the effort to win a decisive victory in the upcoming 2104 midterms.