It’s Crazy: Why Do So Many Jews Support Abortion?

Published on March 4, 2014

By Jerry Novick
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Throughout history, killing Jews – especially Jewish babies – has been a national pastime for some countries.

Ancient Egypt killed Jewish male children to keep the slave population under control.

King Herod killed all of the Jewish boys under the age of two in an attempt to get rid of the newborn Jesus.

Russia has killed a lot of Jews over the last few centuries. Germany killed over six-million Jews in just six years.

Arabs live to kill Jews.

It’s amazing that there are any Jews left to kill!

You would think that with so many people out to murder them, Jewish people would cherish life above all other things except God. And yet, nobody kills Jewish children quite like the modern Jew. From Jewish-American voters to the government of Israel itself, Jews pull the lever in favor of abortion at an alarming rate.

Israel has never had as staunch a supporter as the modern American Conservative. In the Halls of Power, it is the Conservative who fights the hardest for Israel’s continued protection against Arab incursions and state-sponsored terrorism. In Churches all across America, it is the Conservative who prays fervently for the safety of the Jewish State.

The health of Israel is never far from the Conservative activist’s thoughts, talking points, or priorities.

And yet, American Jews vote for Democrat Presidential candidates at an average rate of 70% since Israel became a country in 1948. So when Conservatives support Israel, it has nothing to do with garnering votes. It’s because Conservatives believe in the sovereignty, importance, and rights of Israel. To a Conservative, Israel is our closest ally not because they oppose the Arabs, but because we cherish their liberty and their right to exist.

However, on the issue of the right to life, there could not be a wider gulf between the American Conservative on one side, and the America Jew and Israeli government on the other. While active Conservatives do everything they can to protect the life of the unborn child, American Jews consistently vote for abortion supporting Democrats. Meanwhile, the government of Israel has one of the most Liberal abortion policies on the planet.

In Israel, the government will pay for most abortions. Oh, they pretend to moderate it by having an “abortion approval council,” but that council rubber stamps over 98% of the requests. And while the doctors and government give lip service to encouraging large families in Israel, they kill around 30,000 unborn children a year.

It is hypocrisy on steroids.

And quite frankly it confuses the heck out of me. Why would a nation that has had to fight so long and so hard for its very survival – for a people who have stared extinction in the face on countless occasions – be so fervently pro-abortion? It makes no sense. Not from a survival of the race angle… Not from a survival of the Jewish homeland angle…  And certainly not from a Biblical angle. It frankly does not make sense from any angle at all!

You would think that at the very least Israel would look to encourage adoption over abortion. But the ease with which you can have an unborn Jew killed is the polar opposite of the difficulty it takes to adopt a Jewish child in Israel or from Israel. If you are a foreigner who wants to adopt an Israeli baby, you basically have to become an Israeli citizen with 3 years of residency. And if you are an Israeli wanting to adopt a baby, it’s easier to adopt one from another country and bring it home than to adopt one from a fellow Israelite.

Again, these are policies that make no sense. The Israeli government should be tickled pink to see their people spread across the globe once more. And yet the tragedy that is abortion is all the rage in Israel. It’s as if the Jews are looking to self-select themselves out of existence. They should put up billboards saying “Hey Arabs – just wait a while and our population will be too small to defend itself!”

So it is the American Conservative who is tasked with looking out for the lives of Jewish children here and abroad. It is the American Conservative who stands in the gap for Israel’s right to exist.

It’s past time for Israel to rethink its easy and free abortion-on-demand policy. And it’s also way past time for the American Jew to rethink their voting choices. If you want to protect the future of Israel and of Jews around the world, the right choice is to vote for Conservative candidates. They seem to be the only ones that are pro-Israel.

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