DEFINITELY NOT AN OBAMA VOTER: 28-Year-Old Vows to Launch a New Business Every Week For 1 Year

Published on March 25, 2014

For most aspiring business minds, conceiving a viable enterprise is the project of a lifetime. For 28-year-old Colin Grussing, it’s about to become a weekly routine.

With a seemingly time-bending initiative entitled 52businesses that is sure to intrigue dreamers and skeptics alike, Grussing and a small team will set out to create one new business each week for one year.

Why? To demystify the process of launching an early-stage startup, says Grussing — a Yale graduate, serial entrepreneur and former Shark Tank contestant from New Orleans. As lofty as it sounds, “We want to encourage people to responsibly pursue their ideas, and ultimately contribute to a stronger, more resilient economy,” he said.

If the premise doesn’t sound brazen enough, here’s more: the team of three employees and five interns will base their operations out of a retrofitted cerulean school bus from the 80s, which they have lovingly nicknamed ‘Bob’ (Business Operations Bus.)

And the entire experiment will be documented through social media — on blogs, podcasts, webisodes, Facebook, Twitter and more.

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