SO GAY: Media Matters Attacks Fox News for Using the Term ‘Homosexual’

Media Matters, the website of choice for Fox News haters everywhere, attacked the cable news network on Monday for using the term “homosexual” in its programming — advancing the peculiar argument that the scientific term has a “pejorative connotation.”

The online “media watchdog” contends that calling gay people “homosexual” is “a practice that’s quickly falling out of favor with major news outlets due the term’s often pejorative connotation and frequent use by opponents of LGBT equality.” Fox News, they chide, “has yet to update its language when referring to gay and lesbian people.”

Buttressing their argument? A weekend piece in the Fashion and Style section of the New York Times entitled “The Decline and Fall of the ‘H’ Word.” In it, reporter Jeremy Peters likens the term to using “colored” to address black people and asserts that the word contains “the ring of disapproval and judgment.”

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