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A Start: Obamacare and Repub David Jolly Sink Dem Alex Sink in Fl Race

In a massive and catastrophic rebuke against Obamacare, the first referendum on President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act resulted in utter defeat for Obama, the Democrats and the concept of socialized healthcare in the U.S. Late on Tuesday, the results showed that Republican David Jolly sunk Democrat Alex Sink in the fight for Florida’s 13th congressional district seat. Jolly had 48.5% of the vote while Sink got just 46.7%. Libertarian Lucas Overby was a non-factor in the race with 4.8% of the vote.

Aside from the ultra-humorous fact that Sink’s last name is basically its very own pun regarding what happened to her in this election, the bigger issue is that Democrats all over the U.S. should be shaking in their boots at the extremely bad omen for their party. Everyone knows that this race was the first, real referendum on Obamacare of 2014, anywhere in the country.

Now that the results are in, we can reliably say that the voters hated Obamacare. In turn, this is an indication of what’s likely to happen against other vulnerable Democrats in the Senate…if, of course, the GOP actually starts to bring the fight to the Democrats, which is somewhat doubtful due to its wimpy leadership in John Boehner and others.

What’s notable in the outcome of the Florida race was how much desperate Democrats and their allies spent to help Sink—she outspent Jolly in TV ads, for instance—yet they were still handed a can of good, old-fashioned whoop ass. That’s because Sink was arrogant and inept enough to actually embrace Obamacare, which, Jolly, naturally, and the GOP, eventually, exploited to bring her down. Sink apparently didn’t give a damn about all the polls that continually showed extreme disapproval toward Obamacare. It must actually hurt to be that overconfident and slow-witted all at the same time.

Another important factor in this race was senior citizens. By some estimates, more than 25% of all registered voters in Florida’s 13th district were older than 65; this demographic could’ve accounted for more than 50% of those voting in this special election. This makes sense when you consider that research shows that Obamacare screws over senior citizens big time.

Whether you want to talk about how Obamacare is increasingly taking away access to care for senior citizens, how fake savings are spent on other areas of Obamacare, or how IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board) will cut Medicare spending , it’s beyond clear that the law is a declaration of war against senior citizens. Nice to see that the seniors in Florida’s 13th district were paying attention and told Sink to go take a hike…permanently.

So what this all means—to anyone who doesn’t have the blinders on or only reads that fraud site, Daily Kos—is that the Democrats in the Senate are extremely vulnerable. Based on Jolly’s victory, it stands to reason that the GOP has a chance to actually take the Senate this year. It’s good to know that the GOP now at least seems to be spreading the word that Jolly’s victory is a dire sign for Democrats everywhere, but that’s not good enough.

What bothers me is, in spite of the fact that the GOP has a massively winning issue here that they can aggressively use to beat the stuffing out of Democrats in the midterms, they’re already starting to sound conciliatory! Please, God, no! Nothing could be worse. To wit, Jolly’s victory speech late Tuesday included this line:
“Let’s dispense with the rancor and vitriol of the last five months.”

What??! The Democrats will never, ever dispense with rancor and vitriol because they’re proud to be anti-free market and wrong 100% of the time. So the GOP ought not to dispense with the necessary aggression it takes to take this hugely winning issue, use it for all its worth and ride that momentum into a decisive midterm victory that turns over Senate control to the GOP.

Check out an excerpt of Sink’s defeat speech that was given to a laughable, half-empty ballroom of her hardcore supporters (read: fanatically stubborn supporters of socialized healthcare and government control over everything): “Although we’re disappointed, the bars are open.”

Here’s to hoping that the GOP aggressively uses the American public’s extreme dissatisfaction with Obamacare to gain control of the Senate and send several Democrat senators to late-night drinking binges in bars all across the U.S. (along with their legalize-marijuana supporters, of course).

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