Egypt Gives Muslim Brotherhood & Demon Spawn Hamas, The Big KISS-OFF!!

Written by Audrey Russo on March 9, 2014

An Egyptian court has banned all activities of Hamas in Egypt.  It’s another sign that security forces plan to squeeze the Palestinian group that runs the neighboring Gaza Strip.

Hamas is the spawn of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (MB), which Egypt’s army-backed government has declared a terrorist group and has faced a security crackdown since the military ousted one of its leaders, Mohamed Morsi, from the presidency last Summer.

How dare the Egyptian government put all those little jihadists…who worked so diligently in those arms-smuggling tunnels…out of work! And with so much unemployment…tsk, tsk, tsk…

One of Hamas’ illegal fund-raising activities was the gun smuggling tunnels….from which they gained tax revenue, as they simultaneously armed their Jihadi cohorts in the Sinai desert. According to Reuters, in 2013-2014, Egyptian military forces destroyed nearly all 1,200 tunnels which were used for smuggling weapons and other goods to Gaza. That means the Palestinian Authority’s majority party, Hamas, will struggle to pay thousands of civil servants. NOT because there isn’t enough monetary assistance coming into the PA from the West…since hundreds of millions regularly pour into their coffers…but because most of that just HAPPENS to end up in the weapons depot, which is better known as the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian authorities see Hamas as a security threat to the country. This, of course, is a walk back toward the Mubarak days. He was clearly proficient at keeping the MB at bay throughout his time in office. And their demon spawn Hamas could easily be slapped down when they caused trouble for Egyptians.

Now, the milieu in Egypt is not looking very pretty on dethroned Morsi’s best-bud Obama…who stuck his imperious schnoz into Egypt’s biz during the riots. His uncharacteristic actions for the leader of the Free World were NOT on the side of the people OR freedom. But rather verbally campaigning his MB bro till he gained the leadership…with his comrades the Salafists: One big happy Sharia coven.

BTW…the Weenie-in-Chief is loathed in the Arab street…and the media wouldn’t DARE broadcast that loathing of our flaccid leader. Because their investment in that Oval Office poser is too enormous, and wouldn’t reflect favorably on them…

Who steps in next? Well, Egyptian Defense Minister and Field Marshal, Gen. Sisi. appears to be the favorite of the majority of Egyptians…and likely will be their next president. He is projected to crackdown on terrorists, like the MB and their ilk (who happen to cause the majority of problems) and will rule in a more secular manner than the Sharia-loving MB.

Time will tell…but for now: The MB is back in their cage. Hamas’ a** is grass. And Obama has suffered another humiliating LOSS.

Can you see my smile from here? 😉

Shalom through strength…

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