The GOP: Playing David to the Tea Party’s Uriah

Written by John Kirkwood on March 12, 2014

Mitch McConnell (R-epulsive, Ky.) is talking tough about tea party-backed candidates challenging GOP Establinishtas in this year’s midterm elections, “I think we are going to crush them everywhere,” the Senate Minority Leader told the New York Times. “I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.”

This remark is in stark contrast to tea party “Joan of Bark,” Sarah Palin, who in her keynote speech at CPAC challenged Old GOP saying, “You know that 2010 GOP election victory that swept you into power, you didn’t build that — the tea party did!”

I don’t know why people keep clamoring for a third party when we don’t even have a second one yet, but with leaders like Mitch McConnell, I completely understand the frustration. It’s the same reason we kvetch when the president bows and apologizes to enemies, yet expresses disdain and hostility toward fellow Americans. It appears McConnell and Old GOP have taken a page out of the Alinsky papers because they talk tougher about the tea-party than they do of the Marxist regime that is currently running the country. Did I say “running”? – I meant, “ruining.”

It appears the war to save the Republic must first be waged and won in the Republican Party. Recently I polled my readers for a list of the many accomplishments since the Tea-Party Revolution of 2010. The question went like this:

“Can you help me list 5 major accomplishments of the Republicans that swept into office in 2010? What have the Republicans accomplished since they stripped the gavel from Pelosi and handed it to Boehner? Can you name any conservative victories? Thanks ahead of time.”

I was quickly told that “the Republicans” couldn’t accomplish anything because of Prince Harry and his merry band of Cenataurs. So I revised the question to include stonewalling as an accomplishment; you know, like when John Boehner and the boys stopped the raising of the debt ceiling and defunded Obamacare. Right?

Most of the polled left exasperated and came up nil but there were some who “got their GOP on” and suggested that passing thirty jobs bills was an accomplishment. Thirty “ceremonial” jobs bills that haven’t created one job seem kind of like praising penis enlargement pills, but it is something, I guess.

David Steiger, co-host of the Uncommon Show quipped, “They nailed Hillary & Co. on Benghazi and the perpetrators are behind bars. The IRS has been investigated and all those involved with malfeasance have been indicted. NSA wrongdoing has been corrected and new policies enacted. Obamacare has been rendered null and void after the long fight to defund it. And the debt and deficit have been declining because Republicans who hold the purse strings said ‘no’ on the frequent abuse of the debt ceiling.”

Now that would be something to run on! Sadly, here’s the truth:

Since Boehner has gaveled up, the Republicans have been the complicit party, acting more like an abused wife peeking out from behind the drapes than the Farrah Fawcett they should be – sewing the sheets together and burning the bed.

Newt Gingrich did more in the minority in 1993 as a true opposition leader than John Boehner has done as the Speaker of the House. If you remember, the Clinton’s had tried to pass “gays in the military,” a tax bill and Hillarycare only to fail over and over. Gingrich, as an opposition leader, fought against Clinton failures and forged an opposition agenda with greater success than John Boehner has against Obama victories.

With the level of corruption running rampant in our nation’s capital one would expect a “Contract with America,” town-hall meetings, one minute speeches, press conferences and investigations. One would expect there to be more than Senators’ Cruz, Lee and Paul and Congressmen Gowdy and Amash to be speaking out. And you would expect them to be leading the charge and not the object of sniping from their own party.

One would expect the party that holds the purse strings to reign in the spending, stand fast on principle, and cut off funds to a travel office that has seen the lavish waste of an Imperial presidency reach 1.4 billion a year. The Obamas have out-spent all previous presidencies even with three years to go. Who in office is speaking about the transgressions? Who is calling for heads to roll on Benghazi, the NSA, Fast and Furious, and the IRS targeting?

And these are only the scandals we know about.

When there are strong conservative voices acting as watchmen on the wall, like Joe Walsh of Illinois and Allen West of Florida, they’re abandoned by the GOP leadership like David did Uriah the Hittite. When the GOP tried to “strangle in the cradle” conservative Ken Cuccinelli’s bid for the gubernatorial race in the Virginia primary, only to fail, they scuttled it with friendly fire in the general election. And now Mitch McConnell is running ads against the tea-party and promising to crush their opposition.

When it comes to the silent coup of the Marxists in this country, “Old GOP” has been nothing but a spectator, and when true patriots run in from the sidelines to try and stop the bleeding they’re beaten back as “tea-party Hobbits.”

As for conservative victories since 2010, I can only think of three: Chick-fil-a, Duck Dynasty and gun control. And what were the flashpoints of these great victories? – A guy who makes chicken sandwiches, a guy who makes duck calls and the NRA, standing for principle against tyranny and backed by the cheers and support of “We the People!”

The only black eye that the President has received legislatively has been the NRA coordinated ass-kicking following the Sandy Hook massacre which saw both Democrats and Republicans jumping on the president’s gun control bandwagon only to be stopped cold by a true opposition campaign.

Immigration may be another place the president fails but it won’t be a recompense of a united GOP. If it happens it will be for the same reason that victory was had over gun control – scared Democrats joining with constitutional Republicans. You know, those same guys that Mitch McConnell is trying to crush in the primaries.

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