My Sharia: Muslim Halal Food In NYC Schools, Is Your School Next?

Written by Audrey Russo on March 12, 2014

At one time, in NYC Public Schools…you could bring your own lunch (which most kids did), or you could buy your lunch from the cafeteria, OR, if you were poor and qualified, you could be in the school lunch program and get a lunch pass to get your lunch free. Whatever they offered, you could choose to eat it…or not.

But today…because Public Schools want the moolah from the taxpayers…a majority of students get a free lunch. NOT because they are in privation, but because the school system is addicted to the taxpayer teat.

Getting a free lunch, apparently in our entitlement society, is not enough for some. They demand special treatment…and menu items.

Muslims in NYC have never showed shame or humility following the actions of their brethren on 9-11. They have never ceased to make demands upon the residents on NYC…or America, with regards to accommodating their totalitarian system, cloaked in religion.

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Now they are taking on food in the public school system…and, as most Leftists do…they are framing their arguments/demands in histrionics for the ‘feeling’ public. Voices Of NY (a self-proclaimed “bridge between mainstream society and immigrant communities and communities of color”)…paints a tearjerker about little 8 yr-old Yasmin Islam and his dad, Mohammad Islam Delwar. Yasmin is Muslim and must eat Halal food. The Public School system doesn’t offer Halal, SO…poor Yasmin must eat peanut butter and jelly (PB&J) sandwiches… or nothing at all. Asked about lunch, little Yasmin said, “My father told me that any type of meat can’t be eaten. So I cannot eat anything other than peanut butter and jelly and I am tired of it.”

Aww…the poor little thing…”tired” of eating peanut butter and jelly. When I was little and my dad was changing vocations…there was a period when all I got for lunch was American cheese on white bread. I did cartwheels when my mom was able to give us a PB&J…so, stop your whining…Yasmin, you ungrateful brat…and tell your daddy to get off his DUFF and send you to school with your Halal meal!

Here’s a little lesson for Yasmin, his freeloader daddy and their supremacist ilk:

NYC holds the second largest population of Jews outside of Israel, and yet…they have NOT been on the taxpayer teat but rather have been a vital part of the financial/cultural blessing of this city. And you know what else? They have never, EVER demanded that the school system provide them with Kosher menu items. NEVA!! (NYC for ‘never’)

And, whatever happened to the shrieks of ‘separation of church and state’ (which, by the way, is NOT in the Constitution)? Halal is religious preparation of food. Should State money be used to aid religious practices? Not according to Leftists. So, what gives?

As I mentioned in a recent piece (Islam: The Only Religion That Tells Everyone On EARTH What To Do), Islam (through Sharia Islamic Law) dictates how everyone on earth should treat Muslims. Islam is a supremacist ideology…and this demand for special provision is further proof of that fact.

By serving Halal food, most non-Muslims don’t realize: The State would be implementing Sharia Law. No choice for infidels. Preference goes to the Muslims. And knowing the Public School system…and the paltering of government, in general: ALL the meat will end up being Halal (like KFC)…leadership will just lie to infidel students and their parents, because how could they know?

It will happen in NYC, due to craven leaders…and because politicians love power via the vote. Can it happen in your school? You can count on it. Muslim communities are popping up (some planted by this president) all OVER the nation. And they’re making demands.

Edmund Burke once said: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Good men and women of this great nation: For the sake of freedom and your children’s future…I believe you WILL do something.

Shalom through strength…

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