For Liberals and Conservatives: A Modest Proposal — Exodus!

Published on March 22, 2014

by Deborah Elmar
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

The left in America can’t stand us. They really, really can’t stand us. And the feeling is somewhat mutual. We shouldn’t have to put up with each other the way we do. The problems with forcing our two sides to live together are legion, but here’s the chief issue for us on the right: our enforced co-existence results in the left enjoying all the benefits and the right enduring all the oppression.

The left gets our tax dollars. The left gets the stability in the communities we build. The left gets the economy we create with our steady work ethic. The left gets our stable children from decent families to put up with their gnarly nastiness in their old age, and pay for their stay in retirement homes. The left gets the benefits of our decent, moral behavior, behavior that even yet (though just barely as our numbers decline) keeps society from falling completely apart. The left gets our charity and our time. The left gets our population numbers to offset their criminal element, so they’re not completely overrun. The left enjoys the fruits of our labors.

What do we get from the left?

Our taxes are most welcome but our voices and opinions are suppressed. We get their crime and the issues caused by their drugs and substance abuse. We get the theft of our income to pay for their lifestyles, habits and the consequences (abortions, STDs, etc.). We get constant public abuse, name-calling and labeling. We get an unrelenting stream of mockery from “cool” celebrities and comedians in lock-step with their leftist masters. We get a steady encroachment on our freedoms in all areas of life: our property, our right to bear arms, our freedom of religion and conscience. We have to constantly fend off their attempts to corrupt our children. We get targeted persecution from the IRS and spying from the NSA. We get open borders that will soon spell out the end of the Republic. We get a degraded, weakened, enemy-infiltrated, divided military. We get higher taxes that will never be high enough and will always be raised, with less and less to show for our money (prime example: Obamacare – higher costs, lower value).
There is no mutual benefit in the blending of the left and the right. It’s a one-sided deal.

So, I modestly propose that we part ways.

Let us, the last remnant of the true West (Gondor! Rohan!), collect in a few states, with some coastline. Let’s leave everything else to the leftists so they can bask in their wonderful utopia without us. This would be the best solution, by far. They can’t stand us anyway, so they should be as happy to kick us out of their country as Governor Cuomo was to ask us to leave New York State. They don’t need us, right?

All the leftists who live in the few states given over to us (I propose that we have Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, possibly Florida, and a few of the prairie states) should be happy to leave our horrible hordes and join their fellow utopianists in the other states. It would be just us, free to set up our awful Puritanical culture all by ourselves. Our population would consist of all who love Judeo-Christian and Western values, culture and freedoms, regardless of ethnicity or even religion.

We would be governed according to the Constitution, with a number of amendments and additions because we have learned a few things since the 1960s. For example, we would make sure there were a few negative rights added, such as “You do NOT have a right to never be offended or have hurt feelings” and “You do NOT have a right to force others to serve you against their will and conscience.” We would protect the traditional definition of marriage by embedding it into law. We would keep the government out of most things – no benefits, no extra coddling when mistakes have been made, no safety-net to rescue anyone from the consequences of stupid decisions. Charity would be encouraged, of course – and religious charities would undoubtedly look after people stricken by their choices in life much better than would any government organization paid for from extracted taxes and composed of tax-guzzling, inefficient bureaucrats. Welfare would be much more limited as to its recipients – basically, to those physically or mentally incapable of working to earn their own bread. There would be a flat tax of, say, 15% off everyone’s earnings, rich or poor; no fluctuation based on “income brackets” – all who can, must contribute something so that they have a genuine stake in where the money goes. Only tax-payers would be allowed to vote.

A baby would be defined as a “person” deserving of life from conception onward. The government would chiefly be responsible for the defense of the country and for law and order within the country. Our foreign policy would closely resemble the isolationist suggestions given in Ron Paul’s farewell speech to Congress. The few criminals we have would not need to be jailed once caught – they could just be picked up and dropped off in the left-behind country full of “compassionate” leftists who would, of course, understand how much these poor, sweet unfortunates are just so “misunderstood,” and would welcome them with open arms. And we would be left to ourselves.

But a funny thing would happen in a few years after my Modest Proposal was implemented. We horrible, racist, prudish, bigoted, LGBTxyzzzzz-phobic, etc. conservative, religious freaks would have to build the walls around our new country really, really high, and man them diligently, because those dosh-garn leftists would keep trying to flee their “utopia” to get into our civilization. You just know that’s exactly what would happen. Those who hate us would still try to break into our land to be with us. (Don’t believe me? Just look at what’s happening now, with all the blue-staters fleeing into red states while keeping all their immature leftist habits and voting choices, doing their best to turn their new states into the basket-cases they bolted from.)

Without us, the leftist “utopia” would swiftly disintegrate into hell on earth. It’s why they will never let us escape, never let us leave to implement this most excellent plan. They need us so much more than we need them.

Deborah Elmar is a Christian, wife and mother. She blogs at Collecting Quotes and occasionally posts at Return of Queens. She is a Canadian who lives with her family in America and loves both countries.

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