Needed for 2014/16? A New ‘Declaration of Independents’?

Published on March 16, 2014

By Matthew P. Dec
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and the American people informed the British that they were no longer recognized as their leadership. This meant that they no longer considered themselves as dependents upon the British to establish rule of law or commerce, and set themselves to be independents to make their own rule of law and establish their own commerce.

Some of the stated reasons for this endeavor were revealed in John Hancock’s speech after the Boston Massacre which was said to have “sparked the Revolution;”

…as though they thought it not enough to violate our civil rights, they endeavored to deprive us of the enjoyment of our religious privileges, to vitiate our morals, and thereby render us deserving of destruction. Hence, the rude din of arms which broke in upon your solemn devotions in your temples, on that day hallowed by heaven, and set apart by God himself for his peculiar worship. Hence, impious oaths and blasphemies so often tortured your unaccustomed ear. Hence, all the arts which idleness and luxury could invent were used to betray our youth of one sex into extravagance and effeminacy, and of the other to infamy and ruin; and did they not succeed but too well? Did not a reverence for religion sensibly decay? Did not our infants almost learn to lisp out curses before they knew their horrid import? Did not our youth forget they were Americans, and, regardless of the admonitions of the wise and aged, servilely copy from their tyrants those vices which finally must overthrow the empire of Great Britain? And must I be compelled to acknowledge that even the noblest, fairest, part of all the lower creation did not entirely escape the cursed snare…?

John Hancock 1774 after the Boston Massacre

On January 8, 2014 a Gallop poll revealed that the majority of Americans consider themselves to be Independents. The percentages of the poll were 31% Democrat, 25% Republican, and a whopping 42% Independent!( /166763/ record-high-americans-identify-independents.aspx)
Personally, I believe that it will climb higher.

Why? because I’ve done a lot of polling on the “street” myself. And when I informed people that my opinion of the government consisted of : In the 15th century, a man was born by the name of Niccolo Machiavelli. His last name became synonymous with political corruption and manipulation of the masses to achieve political aims (primarily for self- gratification at the expense of the People) . One of his formulas for maintaining such an attainment of Despotic status amongst the People was as follows (paraphrased):

… If a government is fully engaged in active Deceit for self-gain, and it desires to maintain its position, yet never be fully set in the crosshairs of an angry People’s blame for their political and Economic woes; then it must divide the People by two elite ruling parties that blame one another for the suffrage; thus, the one divided arm of the politically controlled masses blames the other arm, never realizing that the masses of both arms are controlled by one Satanic Head…Hereby may “crisis’” be created to divert the People’s attention from the true malefactors by “putting aside their differences” to unite for a “national cause”; thereby maintaining control when things begin to get out of hand…

I’ve only met a single digit percentage of those that disagreed. This “Declaration of Independents” is the most politically powerful thing that We the People can do at this moment. For it sends a message straight to the heart of D.C. even as a little over 200 years ago it did unto the British Empire.

We the People now have the power to take every seat in 2016 including the Presidency if we are smart about it without firing a shot unless attacked first. The question most people rightfully have is, “But how do We overcome the media ‘wall’ erected by the “Republi-Crat Regime?”

I believe that the answer is found in this copyrighted idea: Because the controlled mainstream media will fight tooth and nail to prevent a challenge to the Republi-Crats, We create our own Web TV based “Reality Show” based upon 13 candidates actually running for the office of President in 2016. And to make this introduction to the idea short, We vote them off one by one based upon their answers to usually unasked questions as pertaining sodomite soldiers, adolescents being instructed in sexual perversion, their personal religious views, and current national and world events.

Not only do I believe that the 42% majority would make this series spread like wildfire, I believe that millions of $$$ would be made, it would be one of the most watched series of our times, and would guarantee the Presidency.

It amazes me that not one American with the know how to create such a Web TV program will do it even when the opportunity is freely given to them. Fortunately, because this is an entrepreneurial venture, foreign investors are smart to recognize the opportunity that can be had at a tax write off as an investment; and some Eastern European entrepreneurs are soon to be looking closely at it.

I believe that the Right Hand of God is about to move today as it did in 1776! Watch out.

May this video motivate you to join us as it motivate me:

Image: Courtesy of: Sam+Adams,+John+Hancock,+Ben+Franklin,+Patrick+Henry,+George+Washington

Matthew P. Dec is a Christian freelance writer who spends his free time reading and analyzing world and national events. His studies also include politics, religion, and the occult; of which he has written a soon to be released book entitled “Mysticism in Politics, Religion, and the Occult.

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