My Sharia: Islamist Front CAIR Bribes Sheriff To Shut Up Free Speech

Written by Audrey Russo on March 16, 2014

As we in the West find ourselves in a fight to protect and preserve our free speech, there are little minions in our midst that continue to find ways to destroy our First Amendment rights, right under our collective nose.

One of these liberty-loathers is the unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case…our old “friend” of freedom: CAIR. That’s right…the group the Department of Justice lists as “a member of Hamas in America” and its parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

They continue to do anything they can in their sleight-of-hand to sever freedom…even resort to bribery.

According to, on Feb. 25-27 of this year, VA law enforcement held a counter-terrorism seminar titled: “Understanding and Investigating Jihadi Networks in America.” Culpepper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins was in charge of the seminar, which informed attendees on how this dangerous Islamic network in America radicalizes, trains and strategically supports Jihadi operations in the United States and those initiated from the U.S. against overseas targets.

The lead trainer, former special FBI agent John Guandolo, was the target of CAIR’s campaign to silence truth. They even offered the Sheriff $15,000 to cancel the seminar. The Sheriff said, no thanks.

CAIR’s MO is to slander the one who uncloaks them…but they NEVER disprove what is exposed about their machinations. They never change their tactics. Even a week ago, they tried to get an article of mine  removed from WCBM AM Radio in MD. Through this and every OTHER whine-fest they commence they fail to do ONE thing: Disprove anything exposed about them. They simply label the truth-teller a hater, Islamophobe or a bigot.
There’s that Islamic creativity you’ve heard so much about…

About that seminar…Guandolo presented some fifty Virginia law enforcement officers with evidence of the radical Muslim Brotherhood’s operations in the U.S. and their Jihadi network, complete with a plethora of evidence demonstrating CAIR was created by and continues to be an entity of Hamas, a U.S.-designated terror group. Other speakers at the seminar include: Former U.S. prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, former Pentagon inspector general Joseph Schmitz and former CIA case officer Clare Lopez.

Kudos to the Sheriff and VA for not kowtowing to these miscreants in designer suits…it’s a shame more leaders in our nation are not as intrepid.

I’d like to drop a little info on you in conclusion. CAIR’s website states: “Making Democracy Work for Everyone.” Well, not exactly…because “Democracy” in their lexis means: Submission.

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