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Obama Propaganda Artist Tumulty Wins $5000 for Outstanding Reporting

How do you win a prize for outstanding journalism? Answer the phone when White House consigliere Valerie Jarrett calls.

Even today, with so much alternative media to expose the baloney that legacy “journalists” present as “news” and accurate information, many Americans don’t realize that nearly all network, and even some cable, news reports are nothing more than conduits for Obama regime propaganda. Most people are unaware of the revolving door between the offices of Democrat politicians and the Jurassic media, how seamlessly allegedly objective reporters shift from that role into mouthpieces for liberal politicians. Even those who may know how incestuous this bunch is don’t realize that it’s even worse than the fact that they run in the same circles, attend the same indoctrination centers, otherwise known as universities, and share the same values. The ridiculous lack of diversity of thought among the Fourth Estate would be bad enough, but it goes beyond just coincidentally being a herd of “independent thinkers.”

Administration operatives routinely feed stories to “reporters,” who are actually nothing more than enthusiastic stenographers, delighted to help promote their shared agenda. 

Of course, I realize that Clash Daily readers know what’s going on behind the curtain, but just in case you have skeptical friends, who roll their eyes when you point out liberal media bias, I thought I’d share the story of this week’s awarding of the 2013 Robin Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting. It is an instructive case study, an example that you can share to illustrate how the Washington propaganda game works. 

So what is the Robin Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting? As Politico reports, the prize is named after the late Robin Toner, the first woman to be a national correspondent for the New York Times. This year’s winner is Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post. The press release announcing the prize mentions one example of Ms. Tumulty’s outstanding reporting: “A standout of [Karen’s] coverage was a poignant profile of a Vietnam war veteran, Earl Smith, who gave his 101st Airborne screaming eagle patch to then-Sen. Barack Obama …

Karen’s “standout coverage” of the story about a Vietnam veteran giving a precious memento to the One?  You might be asking yourself whether another “news” story celebrating our Dear Reader and his “historic” campaign to “remake” America is as important and prize-worthy as other subjects that you might find relevant to your life, or the perilous state of our country. For example, how about a story about the millions of people losing their health insurance due to Obamacare, or an in-depth analysis of the reasons for our stagnant economy and jobless “recovery?”

Perhaps an investigation into where Barack Obama was while four Americans were being murdered in Benghazi, or of why Attorney General Eric Holder continues to stonewall on requests for documents regarding the Fast and Furious scandal. See, this sort of intellectually-stunted thinking is why you’re the bumpkin, sitting in the weeds, wondering why your paycheck hasn’t gotten any bigger in 5 years, and your betters in D.C. are giving each other $5000 prizes for writing Valentines to Barack Obama.

But how exactly did the resourceful Ms. Tumulty learn the story of Earl Smith? Another member of the cult of Obama, or as they like to call themselves “reporters,” Patrick Beach of the Austin-American Statesman explains, first telling us a little bit about Earl Smith:

The last time he felt that way about any leader, a vessel into which a generation could pour its dreams, it was John F. Kennedy. Earl Smith couldn’t even vote in the 1960 election, but the Rio Grande Valley native felt Jack and Jackie “set us young people on fire.”

Almost 50 years later, after a life of rough blows and ceaseless striving, the white-haired chief of security at the Hyatt Regency Austin downtown found himself in a service elevator with then-Sen. Barack Obama, in town for a debate of Democratic presidential candidates at the University of Texas. It was February 2008, and that long-dormant feeling overwhelmed him once again.

“That feeling was even greater,” said Smith, 68, a warm and grandfatherly man who describes himself as quiet but a people person. “It was so electrifying. On the elevator with the Secret Service and (Obama’s) staff, something came over me, a feeling so strong I couldn’t stop myself. I really feel it was the power of God.”

This guy is like Chris Matthews, only with military service, which we all respect. All of us, of course, except the Obama operatives who put him in touch with Ms. Tumulty, so they could experience a win-win. To them he is a mere prop. The Regime gets another fairy tale to use to promote the cult of the personality that helped vault an inexperienced, narcissistic, affirmative-action-assisted empty suit into the U.S. Senate, and the White House. Ms. Tumulty gets recognition as a brilliant journalist, and $5000, not that the money means nearly as much as the respect of her peers, of course. Mr. Smith gets the distinct pleasure of serving the Obama administration. 

That’s right. As Mr. Beach in Statesman reports, Ms. Tumulty didn’t dig deep and get to the bottom of this great story. Obama operatives put her in touch with Ms. Smith. 

[T]he story took an improbable twist worthy of a Frank Capra movie: The phone rang in the hotel’s human resources department on Jan. 4. Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett had told Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty the story of the patch shortly before the election, how he had carried it with him through the campaign. (emphasis mine)

The intrepid hard-working Ms. Tumulty’s “standout” reporting is just more regurgitation of the phony narrative written by the Obama campaign, which, of course, is precisely why she won this prize.

There is no more journalism in the Lame Stream Media, only propaganda. 

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