POWERFUL: Little Boy Entombed in Mud is Rescued After WA Mudslide Sweeps Away His Family (VIDEO)


Clutching on to his rescuers as he is lifted to safety, this is the incredible moment a four-year-old boy was saved from the mud that destroyed his home in the deadly Washington landslide.

Jacob Spillers was at home watching television with his father, older brother and two sisters when the mile-long slide sent his home in Snohomish County plummeting down the mountainside.

While his father and siblings have still not been found, Jacob’s mud-covered blond hair was visible among the debris when a Snohomish County Helicopter flew overhead soon after.

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The footage, shared on the rescuers’ Facebook page, shows the aircraft getting close enough to the boy for a rescuer to hop on to a mound of mud and reach down to him.

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