SMART KID: 3yr. Old Cracks Cellphone Password, Saves Pregnant Mom

Published on March 14, 2014

It’s been a milestone week for the Lynch family of Weymouth, Mass.: Their 3-year-old daughter was honored for getting urgent medical care last month for her pregnant mother, and within hours, the family welcomed a healthy baby girl.

On Feb. 10, Kevin Lynch awoke with a severe stomach bug and drove himself to the emergency room at about 2 a.m. Later that morning, while he was still at the hospital, his wife, Tiffany Lynch, also fell ill while home with their daughters, Aryanna, 3, and, Camryn, 1.

Eight months pregnant and feeling extremely dizzy, Tiffany, 33, tumbled off the couch and fell unconscious for an estimated 20 minutes, Kevin Lynch recalled Thursday. Doctors believe she suffered a seizure brought on by severe dehydration, he said.

Aryanna sprang into action, knowing just who to call: Tiffany’s cousin, Kristine Munnis, a relative so close the Lynch girls call her “auntie.” But Aryanna had to leave a message.

“‘Auntie, call me. Mommy’s not waking up. I need you,’” went the plea, Kevin said. Munnis got the message, called 911 and returned Aryanna’s call. Dressed up as Snow White, the little girl unbolted the door to let paramedics inside, staying calm and minding her baby sister all the while, Kevin said, adding that Tiffany was hospitalized for three days.

“She’s definitely our little rock star,” Kevin said of Aryanna. “She’s just a hero all around. I don’t want to think what would have happened if she wasn’t there.”

The Lynches, who don’t have a landline phone, were all the more amazed because they had never taught Aryanna the password to Tiffany’s cellphone, which is entered by drawing a picture on the screen. But somehow, Aryanna unlocked it.

“She’s such a sponge,” said Kevin, 34. “She’s such a smart kid. I think she’s seen my wife using the phone she just memorized it, and when she needed to know it, she just knew what to do.”

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